Women’s Refuge

Are you thinking about replacing your beds?

ESS Universal specializes in fitting and replacing beds in women’s refuges.

We understand your environment and know that you are providing safe, secure, emergency accommodation for women and their children, who are at risk of domestic abuse.

We believe that everyone has a right to live in safety and to have a future without fear. This is why we ensure our fitters are not only fully trained and experienced but we also offer a team of female fitters, should it be needed.

We offer heavy duty, high quality, and comfortable single beds for small single rooms and larger family bunk beds for a woman staying with her children. As the bunk beds are single at the top and double at the bottom it provides an element of security to both woman and child who can sleep together in a calm, safe and relaxing environment. It comes as no surprise that following any disruption younger children prefer to sleep in the same bed as their mother whilst older children like to sleep close nearby, so these bunk beds really are the perfect option for your refuge.

Studies have shown that following family trauma a large percentage of children will revert to wetting the bed, which is why we supply all our mattresses with removable, easy to clean waterproof covers that do not compromise comfort.

Our upmost aim is to assist you as best we can with the products we supply in order to make your already complicated role in the refuge easier where possible.

Should you have any questions at all or if you would like to visit us, feel free to contact us at your convenience.