Heavy duty bunk beds

Heavy duty bunk beds being used in a domestic market

As the kids bedroom becomes more and more tech parents are given many options where heavy duty bunk beds are concerned. Many companies around the globe offer these so called Heavy duty bunk beds but let us look at what some companies call their heavy duty bunk beds range and what is described as bunk beds designed for a domestic market.

Children's bunk beds

Typical domestic bunk bed

Heavy duty bunk beds

Heavy duty bunk beds

Identifying the difference heavy duty bunk beds and domestic

The first obvious sign is the appearance of a domestic bunk bed versus a true heavy duty bunk bed, there are few ways to ensure you are really getting heavy duty bunk beds, question your supplier, some of the answers should be:

  • Assembled weight should be in the 70 kilo range as above Dallas heavy duty bunk bed image
  • Welding of components should be seam welding
  • Sleeping platform weight rate should be at least 250 kilos with the above Dallas being 500 kilos rated
  • Is the model you are inquiring about being used in a reputable organisation such as a hostel bunk bed in a backpackers hostel
  • is the paintwork a commercial powder coat such as Polyester Epoxy Powder Coating

These attributes should also apply to other heavy duty bunk beds models such as triple sleeper bunk bed or triple tier bunk bed as below image

heavy duty bunk beds

Triple tier bunk bed

Safety in design

Very often with a true heavy duty bunk bed it will be designed and manufactured to United Nations safety standards; this includes entrapment hazards and strength of components. The design says every components should not be able to be removed without a tool, that for a heavy duty bunk bed design should be safe from snagging of clothing when dismounting to avoid strangulation

For the safety of our children Equipment Supply Solutions advises to choose your bunk beds wisely!

Triple tier bunk bed

Triple Bunk Beds Boost Profits

Triple Bunk Beds Optimize Space and Increase Revenue

Triple bunk beds are a small investment that will repay itself many times over.

Picture your hostel with double bunk beds, now see it with triple bunk beds. More guests equals greater profit.

In congested cities like London, where space is at a premium often there is more space above the second tier that could be utilized. Travelers  want to put their head down for the night and  want a safe, secure sleeping place.

Triple Bunk Beds Increase Hostel Revenue by 33%

So if you have eight double bunk beds in a room that equals 16 customers per night. Over a week with full occupancy that comes to 112 customers.

With triple bunk beds take those 8 bunks and times it by 3, that makes 24 customers per night, and 168 customers per week.

You can see an increase in your revenue by 33%.triple bunk bed for outdoor centres

Good Looking, Safe and Secure

With 33% additional profit, you may be wondering about safety.

The Dallas Triple bunk bed safety features:

  1. They weigh in at 91 kg.
  2. Foot plates on bottoms of all four legs so you can attach them firmly to the floor – stops the most restless sleeper from moving the platform.
  3. Designed with square tubular steel- built to take a pack.

There is plenty of room between each platform, so that an adult can sit up. The actual height of the triple tier bunk bed is 2200 mm.

If you may be lacking head space for our triple bunk beds then we can make them to order, to help you increase your revenue.

Choose our bunk beds

So why should you choose a bunk bed? We asked ten people why they would decide to buy a bunk bed for their hostel and these are the top answers.

Bunk beds are practical
There’s no getting away from it. Bunk beds are practical. If you are having a number of people staying in your hostel overnight bunk beds will make this a lot easier.
It also means you can fit more members of one family or group in one room rather than splitting them up.

Bunks come in a selection of materials and styles
Bunk beds have come a long way in the last few years and not only are the styles we stock or distribute here at ESS durable and sturdy they are aesthetically attractive. Our bunk beds are made from timber or metal and are not only the standard double sleeper but we also stock a style with a double bed underneath. We even have a triple sleeper option! (Just make sure your ceilings are high enough) Some of our bunk beds can also be detachable (separated) for flexibility and are designed to cope with knocks and bumps, perfect for the hostel or contract environment.

Bunks produce a strong bond
Even if you have plenty of space in your hostel bunks can still be an advantage. In some settings families may be staying with you and it gives the children that extra sense of security to sleep in the same bed as their mother or father.
There can be no underestimating what a massive effect this can have on their long-term relationship as they stay together throughout a difficult time.

They make the most of spacebunk bed  Because cities are built upwards to make use of available land; your hostel room is no different; going upwards with an ESS Universal double or even triple bunk means you rent out sleep space (not office space of course).
The space you gain from using a bunk bed is amazing, a set of bunk beds normally allows two or even three people to sleep in the space that normally one would occupy. This allows you to put more beds in one room and if for example, you cater for gap year travellers, make more money from the extra sleeping space.

You can save money buying a bunk bed
It is usually cheaper to buy a bunk bed rather than buying two single beds. Not only this but our bunks are quality that is made to last. You aren’t just buying a bed; you’re investing.