Heavy Duty Bunk Beds has gone GLOBAL!

The high cost and lengthy lead time to obtain high quality hostel bunk beds has come to an end.  ESS Sleep Systems has established heavy duty bunk beds distribution centers across the globe to provide our clients with the highest qualitycommercial bunk beds and bunk bed accessories at their fingertips.  We have a solution for you!

  • ESS Sleep Systems UK & Europe based in Chelmsford, Essex, England serving the UK, Ireland and Europe
  • ESS Sleep Systems Scandinavia based in Reykjavik, Iceland serving Scandinavia and Northern Europe
  • ESS Sleep Systems Americas based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA serving North, South, and Central America
  • ESS Sleep Systems Africa based in Accra, Ghana serving the African continent
  • ESS Sleep Systems Malaysia (Coming soon to K L)
  • ESS Sleep Systems Australia (Coming soon to Sydney and Perth)
  • ESS Sleep Systems China (Coming soon to Shanghai and Beijing)

In addition to heavy duty bunk beds ESS Sleep Systems provide commercial water resistant foam mattresses and water resistant pillows designed and manufactured for hostels, camps, universities, shelters, refuges, military or personal use.  ESS Sleep Systems manufactures and distributes our own unique range of privacy curtains and under bed storage lockers that add privacy and save space.  Our product lines are designed, manufactured, tested, and distributed for commercial use.  Our adult bunk beds are built for adults and can hold up to 500 pounds per platform.  Our bunk beds are even used in military settings and built to hold up under the heaviest use.  Contact us today and let us provide a personalized quote for heavy duty bunk bedsand heavy duty bunk beds accessories.  ESS Sleep Systems products are sure to exceed your expectations and our personalized service is second to none.

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Adult Bunk Beds | The Difference

What makes quality adult bunk beds?

Size is an important factor in identifying an adult bunk bed verses a youth bunk bed.  Bunk bed manufacturers typically manufacture adult bunk beds that are 6 feet long.  However, average size bunk beds do not fit average size adults.

Bunk beds that are 6 feet long do not allow extra room when an adult is fully stretched out.  Organizations and individuals are seeking high quality adult bunk beds.  Many hostels and summer camps are turning to the Internet to search for true commercial adult bunk beds.  High quality commercial adult bunk beds and triple bunk beds are quickly becoming a necessity.

Contract Bunk Bed - Two Tier with under bed storage lockers. For Hostel Bunk Beds 101
Adult bunk bed built to last

Commercial bunk beds that fit the bill

Individuals and organizations alike are discovering commercial adult bunk beds via online search engines.  Commercial bunk beds are manufactured for strength as well as adult size.  However, this caliber bunk bed is not available at retail furniture stores.  Metal bunk beds combine strength and size characteristics and are often used by the militaries and universities for their longevity.

Benefits of choosing commercial over domestic bunk beds:

  • Strength in design and materials
  • Will cater for most adults up to 6’4″
  • Will bolt to the floor adding sturdiness
  • Will usually have a longer warranty period
  • Military bunk bed design increases strength


Adult bunk bed accessories

One tip to establish whether a bunk bed is commercial grade is if it is designed to include accessories. Most true commercial adult bunk beds have the option of privacy curtains giving the user a reasonable amount of privacy.  Other accessories include water resistant mattresses, foam pillows, and under bed storage lockers.

Contract bunk beds full set with privacy curtains and under bed storage lockers. the best bunk beds for hostels.


Revitalizing Sleep with a Pillow

My sleep patterns and quality have been and issue for me until I found a sleep solution that truly revived me.

I often wake up three or four times during the night; this has been a pattern over many years. I never suffered from tiredness, or felt sluggish in the mornings. In fact I thought of myself as a morning person. More recently I damaged my ACL skiing and often with one injury another can surface. I started swimming as I could no longer run, but my style of swimming stroke put pressure on my back. This woke me several times in the night and started to aggravate me.

Sleep Right All Night with a Pillow

More recently I joined Will Lewis of ESS Universal UK and he encouraged me to try out all of our sleep solutions. I’m yet to install a bunk bed in our house! What I did do was take home one of ESS Universals memory foam pillows.

I slept through the night and..

the next night I did the same…

and the next.

No waking up to change position because of a bad back, or because there was too much pressure on my knee which has been operated on twice recently. From 23:00 to 07:00 I slept like a baby. Even the cats looked disgruntled as I normally feed them about 6:30.

Now I know what it is to wake from a deep sleep. People who don’t describe themselves as ‘morning people’ seem to take a little while to come about, first thing in the morning. I must say I had a taste of this because my sleep was so deep and peaceful with the memory foam pillow and high density foam mattress.

Sleep Solutions for You

There are a number factors that can improve your sleep:

  1. Not consuming alcohol before going to bed
  2. Not eating chocolate or indulging in a stimulant before going to bed
  3. Not unwinding before going to bed

Well, in these instances I would have failed on all counts..just a small wine mind you!

I can’t say enough about the pillow. I am going abroad soon to the Bahamas and I am taking my pillow with me. This sleep solution has revived me and long may it last.

Do Your Bunk Beds Meet Legal Requirements?

Does your bunk bed meet legal requirements and Crib50 (UK) hospitality industry guidelines? A hostel bunk bed used in a commercial or hospitality environment must meet strict standards.

  • At the top corners of the bunk bed the upright corner posts MUST NOT have a decorative extension rising above the safety side rails; this is because a strap or a clothing garment can get caught and cause strangulation.
  • The distance between any gaps must not exceed 70mm, this includes the gaps between components and even the gap between the wall and the hostel bunk bed.

There are many other requirements that need to be taken into account—contact our experienced, friendly sales staff for more detailed information on adult hostel bunk beds. The Dallas range of heavy duty bunk beds includes foot plates that are pre-drilled so that the bunk bed can be screwed to the floor eliminating the danger of the bunk bed toppling over. This tip helps you decide on choosing quality adult bunk beds rather than going to your local bed store where you will only find models designed for the domestic market.  Contact us today for an estimate!

Contract Bunk Bed - Two Tier with under bed storage lockers


Sleep easy with our foam solutions

Whether you run a hotel, hostel or any other place where you are going to have a different person to stay every night; it is important that you have long lasting durable and comfortable mattresses and pillows, so that you don’t have to keep replacing them or getting complaints about them. Not an easy task I’m sure you will agree! Well here at ESS we have the perfect solution for you, either our contract memory foam pillows or our water resistant foam mattresses are perfect.

Our commercial memory foam pillows benefit from the latest memory foam technology; it will quickly return to its original shape and form and will outlast any other conventional foam pillows on the market today. But the benefits of this foam pillow don’t stop there; the pillow is A1 NHS grade water resistant in the form of its ‘polytran’ removable cover. This foam pillow is perfect when a spillage appears (or even a heavy dribbler,) simply wipe straight off with a warm soapy cloth or you could even just remove the cover and wash it up to 70 degrees farenheight.

Our water resistant high density foam mattresses are made to last for a long period of time, they work best when used in a hostel or university dorm but as you can expect from such a high quality product they will work amazingly well ubiquitously regardless of how much use they get. We designed this foam mattress with comfort in mind; the high density foam allows for a contouring effect around your body meaning that your guests will get a great night’s sleep. The water resistance of this foam mattress is an added bonus as we know that university or backpackers lives can get a little crazy, so its very valuable that the foam mattress is easily clean and will stand up to pretty much anything; the removable blue cover also makes the mattress water proof so just like the contract pillow you can remove the cover and machine wash it. Quality matters to us and that’s why our water resistant foam mattresses are built to British standards crib 5 (Hospitality, care homes and the medical industry.)

So if you own a hostel, hotel or any establishment where guests are staying the night, get in contact and find out exactly what our high quality mattresses and pillows could do for you.