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A big world of many mattress designs for the retailer, buying minimum quality stock from a mattress manufacturer direct assures you are getting superior quality at the lowest cost. Big brand quality without the brand price at

Buying mattresses for your hotel or big contract supply

Your name is on your contract, our name is on the quality and warranty! When you buy your stock or hotel mattresses from Equipment Supply Solutions you are ordering from a manufacturer that understands your needs in a modern mattress from a simple bonnel spring mattress to the state of the art Gel infused memory foam mattress


Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

The benefits of choosing Gel Infused memory foam

Traditional memory foam which was developed by NASA for astronauts is a high density foam with superb ‘Bounce back’ properties, however due to the high density, the foam generates extreme uncomfortable heat.

When a memory foam hotel mattress topper is gel infused, your guests are assured of the superior comfort but without the heat. another great thing about ordering from mattress manufacturer direct you get to bespoke ‘Custom’ your design build for your hotel or contract, at ESS we listen to your every need; bonnell spring, pocket spring mattress, Euro topper, memory foam, Pillow topper, even double sided!


At ESS we are passionate about quality as well as looks

Giving extreme comfort to hotel guests

In a business travelling world hotels need to give their valuable guests a memorable stay. One of the main benefits of choosing ESS mattress manufacturer direct is comfort in technology; ESS is proud to be up there regarding mattress technology as well as style in presentation.

Very pleasing to the eye is the Equipment Supply Solutions Mattress manufacturer direct hotel mattress or retailer mattress, the sleek look of ESS’ ‘Sea Home’ range offers style, aesthetics and quality!


Beautiful Sea Home Range




Hotel beds and mattresses

Hotel beds and mattresses come with many brand names but normally with a brand price! Equipment Supply Solutions (ESS) is a global manufacturer represented in many countries. Visit the full equipment brochure website for the perfect top end quality your guests and customers deserve (without the heavy price tag!)

Your guest comfort preference is an important factor due to todays social media, what will they write on your reviews! To enhance your guest experience ESS offer a wide variety of Perfect bed and mattress models in Innerspring and Memory Foam sleek and innovative designs.

ESS Hotel Beds and mattresses is more than a glamorous mattress and bed set—it’s your guests ticket to daily escapes!

With ESS hotel beds and mattresses your customer or guest don’t just rest, your guest or customer don’t doze off to sleep, they dream up tomorrow’s mischief.

ESS Sea Home collection

ESS Sea Home collection

Hotel beds and mattresses exclusively crafted by ESS, our custom designed beds reward your guest or customer with extreme sleep pleasure. Choose from our plush top mattress or pillow top mattress and let your guest drift into a perfect slumber. Available around the globe Top Mattress that recharges your guests from Doha to Sydney, London to New York.

The Euro topper construction provides a firm level of support creating a solid foundation that eliminates rolling and fidgeting and leaves you prepared to face tomorrow feeling refreshed.

The business or pleasure your guests fit in a day, they deserve the ultimate repose. When you fall into an ESS Pillow Top or Euro top mattress, sleep is never far away. This professionally designed crafted innerspring mattress features a quilted pillow top over a pocketed coil core which reduces motion transfer and provides for the beds’ ultimate level of support and comfort. With its subtle ‘give’, some guests describe it as sleeping on cloud 10.

Engineered from quality new materials

ESS imports its materials from the finest suppliers on earth

  • Belgium
  • USA
  • New Zealand

Bonnell spring

Quality Pocket Spring

Quality Pocket Spring

  • ESS Engineered to help the five common sleep problems
    • Tossing and turning
    • Sagging & Edge Roll-Off
    • Lack of Support
    • Partner Disturbance
    • Uncomfortable Sleep Temperature
    • Body support distributed evenly

Inner spring

ESS superior Innerspring mattresses combine some of our latest comfort technologies with high tensile steel coil innerspring support system. These mattresses are an ideal solution for those who prefer the look and feel of a traditional mattress with the benefits of advanced comfort and support features.

Inner Spring on ESS Sea Home range

Inner Spring on ESS Sea Home range

Memory foam

ESS Advanced Memory Foam mattresses combine an advanced memory foam material with an all-foam support core, an ideal solution for those customers who prefer the contouring feel of an all-foam mattress in hotel beds and mattresses.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam

Bed Frames for perfect hotel support

Choosing the correct base for any mattress is crucial; ESS offer the most comprehensive selection of bed frames, including our bed frame with extra long and additional legs. These 3 star hotel frames are designed to support any ESS mattress set regardless of size with minimal assembly required.

3 star hotel metal bed base

3 star hotel metal bed base