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We recently returned home from our two-day trade show in Nashville, TN.  What a great experience it was for ESS Universal ! We at met hundreds of Camp Directors [ & staff ] across the United States.  Not only were we able to display [ & show off ] our Adult Bunk Beds, but we were able to develop relationships from Alaska down to Florida.  It is great to see [ & hear ] the stories of camps thriving, and children [ & adults ] experiencing the great outdoors !  It was fun to be able to discuss our Heavy Duty Bunk Beds directly with the decision makers of these organizations.

Something to note:  It appears camps are beginning to lean away from wooden bunk beds, and more towards a metal bunk bed frame.  The issue of Bed Bugs has been the main reason for this.  Bed bugs prefer the warmth of the wood that they can physically burrow into, verses the metal frame that stays noticeably more cool.  We used this as the perfect opportunity to promote our Bed Bug Free Design.  We also heard more, and more stories about mattress issues.  The good news is, you can purchase mattresses pretty much anywhere, but the quality you are finding is limited.  Here at ESS we were proud to showcase our Waterproof Foam Core Mattress, with the polyurethane, machine-washable cover.  Even the competitors agreed it is a great product.

Camp Trends:

  • $18 billion dollar industry
  • More than 14,000 day and resident camps exist in the U.S. 8,400 are resident (overnight) and 5,600 are day camps.
  • Each year more than 14 million children and adults attend camp in the U.S.
  • Nonprofit groups including youth agencies and religious organizations operate approximately 11,000 camps, and 2,500 are privately owned independent for-profit operators.
  • In the past 10 years, there has been an increase in the use of international staff to expose campers to different cultures. Nearly 20% of staff are from other countries.

Thank you to all the great folks we were able to meet last week in Nashville, TN & the great members of the Christian Camp and Conference Association.  We cannot wait to serve you today, tomorrow, and beyond !

CCCA - Trade Show - Adult Bunk Bed

Trade Show:  CCCA | Nashville, TN



Best bunk beds university campus

There was an article I read in the Guardian about universities and bunk beds the crux of it is choosing best bunk beds university campus accommodation in their halls of residence the article goes on to explain that actually, the reason why that some students aren’t able to stay in halls of residence is because of a lack of space that means in extreme cases, students are being given privately rented accommodation and even hotels!

Living on campus

Living on campus is a huge part of university life and off site students are disappointed and in some cases find it difficult to build as many relationships. Universities such as Exeter are taking the situation into their own hands and are converting single rooms into doubles by installing bunk beds just to cope with the demand for places. A good example of the type of bunk beds universities are using is the ESS Dallas range of commercial sleep systems, these are probably the best bunk beds university campus


a typical university bunk bed

Has your university experienced these problems? If so have you gone down the route of bunk beds?

If you are hesitant to take this step forward here are a few reasons why you would benefit from our beds:

  • Our bunk beds are durable and great quality.
  • Our bunk beds come with a guarantee.
  • Our bunk beds are very reasonably priced.
  • Our bunk beds are designed to take our many accessories
  • Best bunk beds university campus

Happy students is good for your reputation

Not only are the benefits based around our ESS brand but the concept of providing bunk beds in your university accommodation is plentiful. Your students will be happier as they are based on campus with their peers, which immediately relates to their performance and therefore grades. As you will well know; the better your students results, the better your reputation. The other added bonus of happy students is of course, cheerful lecturers. If your students are not complaining and causing bad feeling the chances are the faculty will enjoy their job more and your staff turnover will decrease.

All this for the sake of a bunk bed… how could you say no?

If you have any questions and would like to talk to our friendly team regarding best bunk beds university campus solution just contact us at your convenience.


The Dallas D4 University campus dorm


bunk beds charities

Bunk beds charities non-profit organizations offering accommodations are on the rise adult bunk beds can definitely help resolve space issues. Registered charities have discovered that using commercial quality products such as true hostel bunk beds the organization are benefiting from longevity which comes from the bunk bed commercial structural design. Traditionally it was very near impossible to have a quality contract bunk bed as well as good aesthetics; most metal bunk beds resembled something out of Alcatraz or some Victorian prison. ESS Universal has changed this by combining strength and good looks with the Dallas heavy duty bunk bed range.

Introducing the Dallas bunk beds charities range

This true camp bunk bed range is designed to add many accessories to ensure your guests receive the comfort they will blog about!


Dallas D2 in a Japanese ski lodge

  • Under bed storage security lockers
  • Privacy curtains
  • Water resistant blue mattresses
  • Memory foam water resistant pillows
  • UP1 utility power panel to charge up their gadgets

Using these accessories the contrast against a jet black bunk bed is very appealing. Of course the Dallas can be painted in any RAL color depending on quantity. Because of these aesthetic changes, the charity or hostel concerned can now obtain a real contract system that is pleasing to the eye.

Strength and quality = good investment

The saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’ this is of course true; however, again ESS Universal has broken these rules too and has supplies such organizations as:

  • Boy scouts
  • Diocese
  • Boarding schools
  • Missionaries
  • Refuges

These organizations are benefiting from the quality of a true military bunk bed that looks great and at a price that is affordable.

Contract bunk beds full set with privacy curtains and under bed storage lockers.
Adult hostel bunk beds manufactured to last

Contract bunk beds vs. cheap domestic bunk beds

When a charitable organization has saved money over a long period of time or relied on a very strict budget for a big investment into bunk beds for charities and equipment; choosing a domestic model at your local or national furniture store may seem a good investment but sadly after 6 to 8 months that investment is laying on the front lawn unusable due to a domestic bunk bed being in a commercial environment.

It is wise to choose the correct equipment for the correct application, military bunk beds are the answer, they may cost just a little more but the longevity speaks for itself.


Quality heavy duty bunk beds Japan

Finding quality heavy duty bunk beds Japan, mattresses and associated equipment for commercial use can be a daunting task! most search results on any search engine offer inferior quality bunk beds which are really only suitable for a domestic home environment. Here at ESS we only manufacture for commercial organisations; we offer the strongest quality bunk beds, contract waterproof mattresses, and under bed storage lockers at a fantastic competitive rate. Our very own products are that successful that ESS are now set up and supplying quality heavy duty bunk beds Japan.

Quality heavy duty bunk beds Japan


Dallas D2 in a Japanese ski lodge

A quality bunk bed which can truly be called a hostel bunk bed is so called because the bunk bed has gone through and passed commercial testing and complies to all safety standards required by all western nations. commercial bunk beds must comply with stringent entrapment hazard standards and to pass the commercial strength test, a weight is dropped onto the sleeping platform no less than 500 times which the welds must survive. The Dallas quality heavy duty bunk beds Japan ski cabins, university campuses etc has been designed to give a working period lifespan of 3 years but if looked after and maintained this true hostel bunk bed will far outlast its designed lifespan.

At ESS we like to be considered as leaders in innovation by constantly aiming to improve our quality bunk beds. at ESS we don’t stop there; with our under bed storage lockers and quality waterproof mattresses which are National Health Service (UK) approved and used we are constantly developing new products to compliment our Dallas range of quality heavy duty bunk beds for Japan.

Choose once; choose right! we don’t just supply quality bunk beds, commercial waterproof mattresses and under bed storage lockers (which saves room in your hostel or university) we also provide a 5 star service and proud of our communication!

Fell free to brows our brochure website


USA, Japan, UK and Australian triple sleeper bunk bed



Quality bunk beds comes to you

In this modern day of purchasing from an image online is a fantastic way to shop for your hostel bunk beds and quality equipment; the image on the websites show this quality; Right? We at ESS Universal Ltd are only too aware that what you see on a website image is not always the quality you would probably get or quite simply can leave you with more questions than answers. Some of our clients invest heavily into quality bunk beds and equipment, therefore we offer a no obligation to buy viewing service whereby we visit you, the client, in a purposely equipped show van.


The show van is not over-sized and is in fact a Ford Transit long wheel base high top model which on the inside resembles a hostel sleep system setup; it is extremely satisfying when the operator of this show vehicle opens the entrance doors to the rear only to see the suprised look on a clients face and very often hear the words “Wow”!! We strongly believe our Dallas hostel bunk bed is the strongest and most aesthetically pleasing model available. our blue water resistant mattresses, water proof water resistant memory foam pillows and chrome under bed storage lockers compliment the Dallas quality bunk bed which is in standard black.

Why take a chance on relying on an image? see and test our hostel bunk bed before you make that crucial decision to buy or even hire, see the quality in our under bed storage lockers or test drive one of our comfortable water resistant contract mattresses and contract water resistant memory foam pillows just by booking your visit.

A heavy duty bunk bed, quality bunk bed or hostel bunk bed is suitable for a commercial environment – see for yourself by booking with us today!

Adult Bunk Bed Prices if Scotland says YES

We promise to honor our low price on adult bunk beds if Scotland says YES or NO!  As the Scottish debate came to a close recently, both sides of the argument of whether Scotland should have independence or not became quite heated. Some say that prices of products would rise in Scotland if the YES campaign should win; here at ESS Universal we decided to keep our famous Dallas adult bunk beds at our equally famous low cost no matter who wins.

ESS Universal has over the years served Scotland and the Scottish Highlands with commercial quality adult bunk beds, and equipment yet charging the same whether the client is in the south or indeed in the north.

We will not stop there.  The ESS Universal price promise extends to all commercial quality products including:

Just when you began to fear the cost of independence we go even further

We will endeavor to make the transition of commercial products to your door smooth and painless. We go further with our contract quality adult bunk bed systems so you don’t have to. We are extending this price promise to all our accessories too.

Contract bunk beds full set with privacy curtains and under bed storage lockers.
Adult hostel bunk beds manufactured to last
  • Privacy curtains that give your guests that little extra
  • Mattresses that contour to your body while remaining breathable
  • Under bed security storage lockers that reduce trip hazards on a hostel floor and increase your floor area
  • Memory foam commercial pillows that use the same water resistant and breathable cover that our mattresses use—just unzip and wash them at high temperature

No matter who wins or who loses the Scottish referendum, ESS Universal wish Scotland all the best for the future.  We’ll put your concerns to rest with our superb cost effective commercial hostel bunk bed range by keeping prices low.

It is no bull, we are here to serve you no matter which way the wind blows.

‘We didn’t invent sleep, we just made it better!’

Bunk Beds or Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds or Bunk Beds | That is the question.

When choosing bunk beds for your hostel, university, cub scouts or even an outdoor adventure park you have to choose wisely. It is true to say that it can be a minefield out there when searching for a metal frame bunk bed. To help filter your search on any search engine or any other means of finding bunk beds it pays to know the basics.  What differentiates between a true adult bunk bed opposed to traditional bunk beds you find at your local furniture shop or even online.

What to look out for when looking for commercial quality bunk beds:

  1. Look at the overall dimensions. Will an adult have the ability to stretch out and keep his or her toes within the compartment?
  2. Total weight is a dead give-away. True commercial double bunk beds will weigh at least twice as much as normal bunk beds. Just think, they are holding more than one person.
  3. Study carefully the technical manufacturing specifications. Commercial double bunk beds will explain the manufacturing process and have all the dimensions and material in the product description.

Images and other details give a good clue as to the robustness of a bunk bed. Longevity of bunk beds should not be the sole concern of a landlord, indeed safety should be first and foremost. Hostel bunk beds should really be secured to either the floor or walls, most commercial bunk beds will have foot plates which are holed, ready for screwing to the floor especially when choosing Triple bunk beds which can exceed a height of 7 feet.

Triple bunk beds need to be attached to the floor, so check that this is part of the specification when purchasing.

Image of a triple bunk bed. Bunk beds are available in triple or double.

Strong bunk beds are an obvious choice in a commercial environment. High quality military style bunk beds or metal bunk beds are fast replacing traditional timber bunk beds both for their strength and their aesthetics. Hostel owners are enjoying the benefits of choosing such a quality bunk bed, not only for the good investment but also choosing to give their guests just that little more. A good supplier will also have a number of accessories such as under bed lockers that provide additional floor space as well as a bit of security for their guests property.

Bunk Beds with Accessories

Apart from the traditional accessories, bunk beds with storage is becoming popular in such places as London where floor space is everything. Providing more for the guest entices good reviews from paying guests, as a few guests have commented;

“I enjoyed the benefits of the privacy curtains in my sleeping compartment of my bunk bed.”

Landlords in such a competitive industry realise that this is an important feature.

To get your quality bunk beds please contact ESS Universal  for all of your heavy duty bunk bed needs:

Fill in our contact form

OR email:


Bunk Beds in Universities

Bunk Beds in universities are challengedContract bunk beds with privacy screens closed at the end of the bed.

Bunk beds in Universities are being introduced.  Aberystwyth University are installing bunk beds in an attempt to combat student accommodation problems.

Last month the university asked some overseas students to consider deferring for a year because of an “exceptional year for student recruitment”.

Staff have now written to new students asking them to take up the offer of rooms with bunk beds.

Aberystwyth Guild of Students said the situation was not ideal, but was better than students being forced to drop out.

A lack of accommodation has been an issue at the university over the last few years.

Guild of students president Ben Meakin said admissions had “shot up again this year”, something which the guild expected to happen “due to the scramble to miss £9,000 fees which are introduced next year”.

The university is now introducing rooms with two single beds or a bunk bed to solve the shortage issue.

Prof April McMahon, the university’s vice-chancellor, said: “Bunk rooms have proved a popular solution at other universities and allow us to provide accommodation to more of our students in this exceptional year.”

Although we recognize that bunk rooms are not ideal for many of you, we do think that this is a better option than seeing students being forced to live in hotels”

Ben Meakin President, Aberystwyth Guild of Students said the room set up would also ensure first year students, often leaving home for the first time, were able to quickly make friends with other students in a similar situation.

Prof McMahon said it also recognized the “growing pressures” on the finances of students and provided an “affordable option against a backdrop of increasing costs.”

Ben Meakin, president of the Guild of Students, said “clearly” the university did not see how big of an impact the increase in admissions would have on places.

He added: “Although we rrecognize that hostel bunk beds are not ideal for many of you, we do think that this is a better option than seeing students being forced to live in hotels, B&Bs, caravans or in the worst case being forced to drop out.

“We are working closely with the university to make sure that all those in commercial bunk beds receive the same fantastic Aberystwyth experience throughout freshers and the rest of the year.”

Effective Hostel Bunk Bed Planning

Run your Hostel Efficiently using Commercial Bunk Beds

Running a budget back-packer hostel at maximum efficiency is essential, take time to plan each room keeping in mind relevant local laws. The planning of a hostel that accommodate the paying public needs to have a good balance between the hostel owner and guest. Effective hostel bunk bed planning includes using adult bunk beds which are of commercial quality.

Planning and making the most of your rooms

  • Choose a hostel bunk bed that will give your investment some sort of longevity and complies to relevant safety standards in your country
  • Using the dimensions of the commercial bunk bed do a basic floor plan indicating where doors and windows are – allow the room to have natural light
  • When positioning bunk beds on the floor plan bear in mind that the law says there must be a clear walkway between each commercial bunk bed of at least 700mm
  • Avoid placing bunk beds over a light switch, a guest does not like reaching into a bunk bed compartment to turn a light on especially when the compartment is occupied
  • Ensure the entrance door can open fully, a door that hits a bunk bed on opening can wake a sleeping guest
  • A true commercial bunk bed will have some way of securing the bunk bed to either the floor or wall, this ensures the bunk bed is not re-positioned by guestsShowing the metal plates used to secure a bunk bed to the floor.

Planned correctly, your hostel will provide a safe and comfortable sleeping environment for your guests and give you the hostel owner peace of mind. For more detailed advice get in touch with your local council or even your commercial bunk bed supplier who will be more than happy to advise you on the legalities of planning your hostel. Here at ESS Universal, we offer free advice and guidance for the placement of your hostel bunk beds.

Make the most of your space and reduce clutter

With every hostel, floor space is an important factor. Traditionally upright personnel lockers have been used to house staying guests personal items, these bulky upright lockers take a lot of floor space within a hostel or dormitory. Nowadays more and more hostels or universities that have campus’ choose under bed storage, these cleaver accessories to your commercial bunk bed free up floor space and can even offer security for personal belongings as most under bed lockers are what they say they are ‘Lockable.

Some benefits of using under bed storage lockers

  1. Free up floor space allowing at least one extra commercial bunk bed to be used in a room
  2. Trip hazards are reduced, how many times have you entered a hostel room and seen personal items on the floor?
  3. The correct open under bed storage locker system will need minimal or no cleaning reducing extra work on your staff
  4. A good strong locker will protect your guests personal belongings against theft and make your commercial bunk bed look great

Contact us for the best bunk beds at the best prices.

We supply contract bunk bed with mattresses and pillows

Choosing the Right Commerical Bunk Bed

Commercial Bunk Beds | An Educational Insight.

Contract Bunk Bed - Two Tier with under bed storage lockersWhen setting up or refurbishing a backpacker hostel, bunk house, university, scout camp or a holiday park that offers accommodation, the bunk bed, furniture requirements for such a commercial situation can easily be overlooked. Choosing the correct bunk beds and equipment for the job is crucial! Many people setting up these organisations are totally unaware of the availability of commercially designed equipment such as commercial bunk beds; therefore making a big investment in a local furniture shop on conventional domestic bunk beds and associated accessories.

A commercial bunk bed or hostel bunk bed as some clients wish to call them is designed in a totally different way to a domestic bunk bed, a real commercial bunk bed will be designed to take the heaviest of adults. When choosing a bunk bed, a commercial water resistant mattress system or even under bed storage (which saves space), read carefully the technical details. Be sure that the bunk beds and equipment you are viewing truly are of a contract or commercial design, this can usually be found on the web page itself.

Things to look out for

  • Check the overall weight of the assembled product, a domestic bunk bed will weigh around 70 pounds, double this for a commercial bunk bed because the metal is thicker
  • Check the overall dimensions of the commercial bunk bed, a real hostel bunk bed will take a full size adult
  • FACT, you cannot obtain a full adult commercial bunk bed from a typical out of town or high street bed supplier
  • A true commercial bunk bed will have the ability to be secured to either the floor or a wall
  • Hostel bunk beds are usually available for bulk supply and can be supplied with colour options

By choosing a commercial bunk bed system or associated accessories will ensure you have made the correct investment, as a business this investment must have a long lifespan and take the brunt of the rowdiest of guests.

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