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metal loft bunk beds deter bed bugs

If you want to avoid bed bugs the best thing to do is to avoid getting them metal loft bunk beds deter bed bugs when there are no holes for making cosy nests

What do bed bugs look like anyway?

bed bug
Adult bed bugs are broadly oval, and the size of an apple or melon seed. They are a brownish color or red if they have recently fed.

Now that you have made their acquaintance there are a few things that will help you avoid bed bugs.

1. Metal loft bunk beds deter bed bugs

Who can blame them, I just spent two weeks in the Bahamas much nicer than the drizzle. They breed faster when it is about 80 degrees, it takes approximately a month and a half for babies to turn into adults.

2. Bed Bugs are Travelers

They love hitching a ride. In your suitcase, or on your clothes. They don’t mind going it alone, and are very social and tend to congregate with other bed bugs.

3. Bed Bugs are Mainly Active at Night

They are active usually when humans are sleeping. They like to find hiding places during the day close to beds. Those hiding places tend to be dark crevices, wooden skirting boards, air ducts, mattresses, wooden bed heads, etc. Therefore they do not have to travel far to feed.

5. Bed Bugs Hate Metal

Metal bunk beds are on their all time hate list. Why? Because metal bunk beds are cold. Remember they like the warm. A wooden bunk bed gives bed bugs a cozy place to live but metal bunk beds doesn’t give them anything to live in.

How to help avoid bed bugs in hostels and holiday accommodations.

  • Clean up your clutter. Provide storage that is easy to clean like under bed storage lockers.
  • In busy hostels/hotels purchase foam mattresses with washable covers. Covers allow you to wash them at a very high temperature.
  • Provide mattresses without the cord around the side where bed bugs commonly burrow into.
  • Metal bunk beds provide fewer places for bed bugs to hide.
  • Ensure there are no unplugged holes in any component as below image explains

holes are plugged to prevent insects entering and nesting

when metal is prepared for painting, a prosperous solution is used when the component is dipped, this solution has to drain. The hole is plugged after painting which prevents insects nesting inside ensuring the ESS statement metal loft bunk beds deter bed bugs


Under Bed Storage Lockers | Safety

Childresn toys stored in an underbed storage locker from Heavy Duty Bunk beds
Christmas toys on the floor?

Under Bed Storage Lockers Prevent Trip Hazards:  Keep the kid’s bedroom floor clear this Christmas!

Every Christmas we all like to open those presents and gifts, especially children. It is not uncommon for parent’s to utter the words “Clean up the toys you are not playing with  before you open anymore.”  New toys, clothes, and shoes end up scattered around the house creating a dangerous trip hazard.

The Solution

Under bed storage lockers:  These cleaver wire storage locker systems have a lockable lid so a child can lock items away from their siblings and keep their room clear. At 500mm wide by 500mm long and 250mm deep they are perfect for shoe storage! The wire cage system allows airflow preventing odor and never needs cleaning – Now that’s got to be good! Remember those sticky sweets stuck in the bottom corners? Or that horrible grime build up?  Those days are over with ESS Universal’s under bed storage lockers!

These lockers are a commercial product used by backpacker hostels for adult bunk beds.  They were designed for the Dallas Single Over Single hostel bunk bed and used by hostels and universities for their dormitory bunk beds saving valuable floor space.

Tough and aesthetically pleasing

The under bed storage lockers cage system is fully welded with bright chrome plating meaning it has strength as well as aesthetics. To test the under bed storage lockers we threw it off a high balcony and rolled it down a hill with a team member sitting on it.  It’s heavy duty wheels withstood the test just like the cage system itself!

We even lowered the front end of a car on the under bed storage locker and it survived!  Visit our website for full details of these heavy duty under bed storage lockers.

Under Bed Storage Lockers | Benefits

Save space with this amazing under bed storage locker.  Why go up when you can go under?

Imagine having an under bed storage locker to guard your treasurers from your nearest and dearest. Anyone that has a brother or sister knows how annoying it is to get something from your room, only to find it has vanished.

Under Bed Storage Lockers for all your goodies

We designed our under bed storage lockers to roll neatly under our range of Dallas bunk beds.

Children use them to keep their toys tidy, but also to keep curious siblings from playing with something they shouldn’t.

Wire Mesh Keeps Things Clean & Fresh

A fundamental feature of the under bed storage lockers is the wire mesh. This is important for hostels, boarding schools or even universities, where more than one occupant resides in the room.

Mechanics and cleaners take advantage of these storage lockers to store cleaning rags.  The air flows through the lockers making it the ideal storage solution.


ESS Sleep SystemsUnder Bed Storage Lockers Built to Last:

  • 4 Heavy duty wheels
  • Lockers glide from under the bed with ease
  • Adjustable backstop to stop the locker from fully coming out from under the bed
  • No grime build up inside
  • ‘Lock n leave’ system keeps items for the key holder
  • 1 year guarantee
  • 250mm depth means the locker will glide under most beds that are on legs

Struggling for under bed storage

Here at ESS we have a brand new product, our under bed storage lockers. As you will no doubt expect from a high quality product, our under bed storage lockers are lockable so if you are using them in a hostel or other public place, all your belongings will be secure. As with all ESS products they are all strong and durable meaning they will have a long life span.

During the design process we really contemplated everything that you could possibly need when using our under bed storage lockers. The open cage design allows air to flow through the locker so that nothing inside it will begin to smell musty (for example dirty clothing) and it also leaves it open to inspection for safety/security reasons. We have also incorporated stoppers at the back of the under bed storage lockers, so when you try to pull them out from under the bed on their industrial strength heavy duty wheels it won’t travel too far.

The under bed storage lockers will fit under all our Dallas single beds or Dallas double bunk bed (with exception to the Dallas triple tier bunk bed,) but we can of course supply bespoke legs on our triple tier bunk beds to allow for our under bed storage lockers. They will also fit under most other bunk beds; the dimensions are, L 500mm W 500mm D 250mm (approx).

Not only can our under bed storage lockers be used for hostels and other such places, they are also extremely useful around the house. They are perfect to store children’s toys in; they allow all the bits of rubbish and food they may throw in to fall out the bottom meaning they’re easy to clean and you won’t get any surprises when cleaning them out. But the main advantage of using them for children’s toys is that as they are lockable they can’t get all the toys out at once causing a mess which no parent wants!

So if you want to find out more about our heavy duty under bed storage lockers then contact us today to find out what we can offer to you.

Under Bed Storage Lockers Update

We have just received pictures from our production design team of our brand new quality under bed storage lockers. These under bed storage lockers are a revolution, offering strong secure storage for travelers staying at youth hostels, universities and can also be an essential addition to home bedroom furniture.

The under bed storage lockers are manufactured to two heights; 350mm and 250mm. Our 350mm under bed storage lockers are built to perfectly fit underneath our quality bunk beds offering the maximum under bed storage locker space. Our 250mm under bed storage lockers are built to fit underneath most bedroom furniture that stand on legs giving flexibility on where you want to store your items. Both the 350mm and 250mm storage lockers come loaded with 4 heavy duty wheels allowing users to easily roll out the under bed storage lockers with ease.lockers, metal lockers, under bed storage lockers, heavy duty lockers, commercial lockers,


These quality under bed storage lockers allow you to put away all of your belongings scattered around the room securely, reducing trip hazards. Further benefits of our under bed storage lockers are that they are strongly built using a wire mesh cage system allowing air to easily flow through reducing dirt or bacterial build up and allowing the hostel owner full view of the contents despite being locked.