bunk beds charities

Bunk beds charities non-profit organizations offering accommodations are on the rise adult bunk beds can definitely help resolve space issues. Registered charities have discovered that using commercial quality products such as true hostel bunk beds the organization are benefiting from longevity which comes from the bunk bed commercial structural design. Traditionally it was very near impossible to have a quality contract bunk bed as well as good aesthetics; most metal bunk beds resembled something out of Alcatraz or some Victorian prison. ESS Universal has changed this by combining strength and good looks with the Dallas heavy duty bunk bed range.

Introducing the Dallas bunk beds charities range

This true camp bunk bed range is designed to add many accessories to ensure your guests receive the comfort they will blog about!


Dallas D2 in a Japanese ski lodge

  • Under bed storage security lockers
  • Privacy curtains
  • Water resistant blue mattresses
  • Memory foam water resistant pillows
  • UP1 utility power panel to charge up their gadgets

Using these accessories the contrast against a jet black bunk bed is very appealing. Of course the Dallas can be painted in any RAL color depending on quantity. Because of these aesthetic changes, the charity or hostel concerned can now obtain a real contract system that is pleasing to the eye.

Strength and quality = good investment

The saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’ this is of course true; however, again ESS Universal has broken these rules too and has supplies such organizations as:

  • Boy scouts
  • Diocese
  • Boarding schools
  • Missionaries
  • Refuges

These organizations are benefiting from the quality of a true military bunk bed that looks great and at a price that is affordable.

Contract bunk beds full set with privacy curtains and under bed storage lockers.
Adult hostel bunk beds manufactured to last

Contract bunk beds vs. cheap domestic bunk beds

When a charitable organization has saved money over a long period of time or relied on a very strict budget for a big investment into bunk beds for charities and equipment; choosing a domestic model at your local or national furniture store may seem a good investment but sadly after 6 to 8 months that investment is laying on the front lawn unusable due to a domestic bunk bed being in a commercial environment.

It is wise to choose the correct equipment for the correct application, military bunk beds are the answer, they may cost just a little more but the longevity speaks for itself.

Safety and your Hostel bunk bed

We know that many of you probably see metal bunk beds as a great way to free up some floor space with a modern comfortable design that will last through the years.
Visiting children, on the other hand, are undoubtedly dizzy with excitement at the very concept of furniture that looks like a ready-made playground! Naturally this can make parents anxious, so we thought it might be helpful for us to come up with a list of do’s and don’ts to put up in your hostel.
How to Reduce the Risk of hostel Bunk Bed Accidents
Choose your location carefully
Place the bed in a corner: This will offer at least two walls to avoid falls. Entrapment in a is a real hazard with any quality bunk bed, the correct distance between a wall and a bunk bed is 70mm or less. Never allow a child under the age of 6 to occupy the top platform of a hostel bunk bed.

Don’t put the bed near a ceiling fan:
You can probably understand the reason not to put a hostel bunk bed near a fan or other hanging objects. There is an extreme hazard behind it.

Set up a night light near the ladder.
Climbing down may be tricky if it is completely pitch black at night. Why not set up a dim light at the bottom of the hostel bunk bed to allow the user a safe descent for those late night toilet stops.

Clear the floor area.
There is a risk of people falling out of bunk beds and hurting themselves on objects scattered across the ground. These hazards are minimized due to our bunk beds having stronger than normal safety rails across to keep the sleeper tucked in throughout the night, however, if the user were to fall out of the bed it is important to have clear space, as not to fall onto sharp or hazardous objects.

Check the Equipment.
It goes without saying that when you are assembling the bed, check all of the components for breakages. Also don’t try to be macho and build it without instructions, you will probably find that it will take you twice as long! Finally adopt a maintenance routine, periodically check tightness of fixing bolts, a loose joint will accelerate wear!

Educate the children
Who wouldn’t love a readymade playground where you can sleep too? However it is important to educate your children about safe bunk bed use and the importance of using the ladder rather than climbing up and jumping down, as this could cause serious injury.

Under Bed Storage Lockers | Safety

Childresn toys stored in an underbed storage locker from Heavy Duty Bunk beds
Christmas toys on the floor?

Under Bed Storage Lockers Prevent Trip Hazards:  Keep the kid’s bedroom floor clear this Christmas!

Every Christmas we all like to open those presents and gifts, especially children. It is not uncommon for parent’s to utter the words “Clean up the toys you are not playing with  before you open anymore.”  New toys, clothes, and shoes end up scattered around the house creating a dangerous trip hazard.

The Solution

Under bed storage lockers:  These cleaver wire storage locker systems have a lockable lid so a child can lock items away from their siblings and keep their room clear. At 500mm wide by 500mm long and 250mm deep they are perfect for shoe storage! The wire cage system allows airflow preventing odor and never needs cleaning – Now that’s got to be good! Remember those sticky sweets stuck in the bottom corners? Or that horrible grime build up?  Those days are over with ESS Universal’s under bed storage lockers!

These lockers are a commercial product used by backpacker hostels for adult bunk beds.  They were designed for the Dallas Single Over Single hostel bunk bed and used by hostels and universities for their dormitory bunk beds saving valuable floor space.

Tough and aesthetically pleasing

The under bed storage lockers cage system is fully welded with bright chrome plating meaning it has strength as well as aesthetics. To test the under bed storage lockers we threw it off a high balcony and rolled it down a hill with a team member sitting on it.  It’s heavy duty wheels withstood the test just like the cage system itself!

We even lowered the front end of a car on the under bed storage locker and it survived!  Visit our website for full details of these heavy duty under bed storage lockers.

Family Adult Bunk Beds Solutions

Keeping your family and guests safe on adult bunk beds is very important.  When travelling with your children you may be accommodated in adult bunk beds.  However, there is a difference between domestic adult bunk beds and commercial adult bunk beds.

Some hostels and low budget accommodation purchase domestic rather than commercial or contract bunk beds. There are a number of reasons for selecting contract bunk beds over domestic bunks, even for the home. Let’s take a look at a few of the hazards associated with purchasing the wrong kind of bunk bed.

1. Bunk Bed Corner Posts projecting Higher than the Safety Rail

Bunk bed with unsafe poles sticking above safety rails1. Unsafe adult bunk bed ends protruding above the safety rails.

Picture number one shows the ends of the adult bunk bed corner posts are higher than the safety rails. The danger this poses for your guest is that they can catch an item of clothing on the corner post. For adults, they may be able to quickly dislodge their clothing from the post. But this may not be as easy for a child who’s feet cannot touch the floor once dangling. And what child doesn’t enjoy playing and jumping about on a bunk bed. Unfortunately, this hazard can lead to severe injury or fatal strangulation.

Also the adult bunk bed mattress it too high in picture 1. The adult bunk bed mattress sleeping surface must be at least 5 inches below the highest point of the safety rail top.

Solution: Ensure that when you are buying your adult bunk bed that the corner posts and safety rails are rounded so that no clothing item can catch. See our family of Dallas commercial bunk beds that meet this safety requirement.

2. Adult Bunk Beds without Foot Plates

2. Adult bunk bed without foot plates

Your average domestic metal bunk bed weighs approximately 32kg or 41kg for a pine bunk bed. Whereas a commercial bunk bed weighs more than twice the amount. Add to this the weight of the adults or children that are sleeping on the bunks— then you have quite a load, with some of that suspended.  To ensure the adult bunk beds are stable an additional safety system is having foot plates attached to the bottom of the bunk bed that allows the bunk bed to be bolted to the floor.

This also stops the bunk bed moving about or toppling over if there is sudden moment or an imbalance of weight. This is especially important with adult triple bunk beds which are of course higher.

3. Gaps in the Safety Rail of Adult Bunk Beds

Safety rails on adult bunk beds should surround the sleeping compartment. The only gap that should be accessible is where the guest dismounts down the ladder. As you can see in picture 3 there are large gaps by which a small child could slip through the rails, or even become trapped. Children do get accommodated in adult bunk beds, so ensure that the rails enclose the sleeping compartment.

3. An adult bunk bed with gaps in the safety rail.

I once slept in a bunk bed where we had to shove a chopping board down the between the mattress and the base so we didn’t roll out at night!

Bunk beds are fun for families, and children will use them as a play item. So instead of stopping their fun, let’s make sure that you provide the safest environment possible.