Varidesk office desk power panel

So you are looking to buy a Varidesk, congratulations but ensure you buy the original at  also available is the smartly designed and simple to set up and easy to use is the ESS Varidesk office desk power panel specifically designed to clear the clutter on your office desk. No assembly and easy to install this cleaver office power panel will give amazing benefits!

Screwed to the wall above your current desk this office desk accessory boasts its unique values and benefits:

  • A full metal jacket [body] that is tough and last for years
  • International power socket to charge up your tablet or laptop
  • USB port powerful enough to charge any smart phone or gadget
  • A reading light to give that extra illumination over your workspace
  • A cooling fan to move the air around you while you work in a stuffy office
  • A storage locker to lock away valuables which is large enough to house a smart phone on charge
  • A generous shelf allowing all that clutter to be away from valuable desk space


We also made our Varidesk office desk power panel for another amazing use! Our utility power panel was originally designed for the university dorm bed accessory but is fast becoming used for many children’s bedrooms fitted on an adjacent wall giving power to all the modern gadgets and a soft night light.

Apart from your home office, there are many places that the ESS  Varidesk office desk power panel can be used:


Smart uses for the ESS Varidesk office desk power panel:

  • Kids bedrooms
  • Home office desks
  • in the workshop or garden shed
  • University dorms
  • Backpacker hostels
  • Military dorms
  • Anywhere that our military bunk beds are used

Check out our different product series on our brochure website and find the right contract product solution for your workspace or sleeping / studying space.


ESS Utility panel being used on the Dallas bunk bed

The ESS bunk bed power panel

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metal loft bunk beds deter bed bugs

If you want to avoid bed bugs the best thing to do is to avoid getting them metal loft bunk beds deter bed bugs when there are no holes for making cosy nests

What do bed bugs look like anyway?

bed bug
Adult bed bugs are broadly oval, and the size of an apple or melon seed. They are a brownish color or red if they have recently fed.

Now that you have made their acquaintance there are a few things that will help you avoid bed bugs.

1. Metal loft bunk beds deter bed bugs

Who can blame them, I just spent two weeks in the Bahamas much nicer than the drizzle. They breed faster when it is about 80 degrees, it takes approximately a month and a half for babies to turn into adults.

2. Bed Bugs are Travelers

They love hitching a ride. In your suitcase, or on your clothes. They don’t mind going it alone, and are very social and tend to congregate with other bed bugs.

3. Bed Bugs are Mainly Active at Night

They are active usually when humans are sleeping. They like to find hiding places during the day close to beds. Those hiding places tend to be dark crevices, wooden skirting boards, air ducts, mattresses, wooden bed heads, etc. Therefore they do not have to travel far to feed.

5. Bed Bugs Hate Metal

Metal bunk beds are on their all time hate list. Why? Because metal bunk beds are cold. Remember they like the warm. A wooden bunk bed gives bed bugs a cozy place to live but metal bunk beds doesn’t give them anything to live in.

How to help avoid bed bugs in hostels and holiday accommodations.

  • Clean up your clutter. Provide storage that is easy to clean like under bed storage lockers.
  • In busy hostels/hotels purchase foam mattresses with washable covers. Covers allow you to wash them at a very high temperature.
  • Provide mattresses without the cord around the side where bed bugs commonly burrow into.
  • Metal bunk beds provide fewer places for bed bugs to hide.
  • Ensure there are no unplugged holes in any component as below image explains

holes are plugged to prevent insects entering and nesting

when metal is prepared for painting, a prosperous solution is used when the component is dipped, this solution has to drain. The hole is plugged after painting which prevents insects nesting inside ensuring the ESS statement metal loft bunk beds deter bed bugs



Best bunk beds university campus

There was an article I read in the Guardian about universities and bunk beds the crux of it is choosing best bunk beds university campus accommodation in their halls of residence the article goes on to explain that actually, the reason why that some students aren’t able to stay in halls of residence is because of a lack of space that means in extreme cases, students are being given privately rented accommodation and even hotels!

Living on campus

Living on campus is a huge part of university life and off site students are disappointed and in some cases find it difficult to build as many relationships. Universities such as Exeter are taking the situation into their own hands and are converting single rooms into doubles by installing bunk beds just to cope with the demand for places. A good example of the type of bunk beds universities are using is the ESS Dallas range of commercial sleep systems, these are probably the best bunk beds university campus


a typical university bunk bed

Has your university experienced these problems? If so have you gone down the route of bunk beds?

If you are hesitant to take this step forward here are a few reasons why you would benefit from our beds:

  • Our bunk beds are durable and great quality.
  • Our bunk beds come with a guarantee.
  • Our bunk beds are very reasonably priced.
  • Our bunk beds are designed to take our many accessories
  • Best bunk beds university campus

Happy students is good for your reputation

Not only are the benefits based around our ESS brand but the concept of providing bunk beds in your university accommodation is plentiful. Your students will be happier as they are based on campus with their peers, which immediately relates to their performance and therefore grades. As you will well know; the better your students results, the better your reputation. The other added bonus of happy students is of course, cheerful lecturers. If your students are not complaining and causing bad feeling the chances are the faculty will enjoy their job more and your staff turnover will decrease.

All this for the sake of a bunk bed… how could you say no?

If you have any questions and would like to talk to our friendly team regarding best bunk beds university campus solution just contact us at your convenience.


The Dallas D4 University campus dorm


bunk beds charities

Bunk beds charities non-profit organizations offering accommodations are on the rise adult bunk beds can definitely help resolve space issues. Registered charities have discovered that using commercial quality products such as true hostel bunk beds the organization are benefiting from longevity which comes from the bunk bed commercial structural design. Traditionally it was very near impossible to have a quality contract bunk bed as well as good aesthetics; most metal bunk beds resembled something out of Alcatraz or some Victorian prison. ESS Universal has changed this by combining strength and good looks with the Dallas heavy duty bunk bed range.

Introducing the Dallas bunk beds charities range

This true camp bunk bed range is designed to add many accessories to ensure your guests receive the comfort they will blog about!


Dallas D2 in a Japanese ski lodge

  • Under bed storage security lockers
  • Privacy curtains
  • Water resistant blue mattresses
  • Memory foam water resistant pillows
  • UP1 utility power panel to charge up their gadgets

Using these accessories the contrast against a jet black bunk bed is very appealing. Of course the Dallas can be painted in any RAL color depending on quantity. Because of these aesthetic changes, the charity or hostel concerned can now obtain a real contract system that is pleasing to the eye.

Strength and quality = good investment

The saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’ this is of course true; however, again ESS Universal has broken these rules too and has supplies such organizations as:

  • Boy scouts
  • Diocese
  • Boarding schools
  • Missionaries
  • Refuges

These organizations are benefiting from the quality of a true military bunk bed that looks great and at a price that is affordable.

Contract bunk beds full set with privacy curtains and under bed storage lockers.
Adult hostel bunk beds manufactured to last

Contract bunk beds vs. cheap domestic bunk beds

When a charitable organization has saved money over a long period of time or relied on a very strict budget for a big investment into bunk beds for charities and equipment; choosing a domestic model at your local or national furniture store may seem a good investment but sadly after 6 to 8 months that investment is laying on the front lawn unusable due to a domestic bunk bed being in a commercial environment.

It is wise to choose the correct equipment for the correct application, military bunk beds are the answer, they may cost just a little more but the longevity speaks for itself.


adult camp bunk beds canada

In a recent survey regarding commercial adult camp bunk beds Canada knowledge we tested some Canadian summer Christian camps regarding non domestic bunk beds we asked camp bunk bed owners are you aware of the existence of real commercial type bunk beds, we were not suprised at the outcome

Adult camp bunk beds Canada

The majority answered no, going on to say When looking for bunk beds we go to various retailers for wooden bunk beds without the knowledge that there are stronger and more commercially manufactured quality bunk beds out there.

Using our marketing strategy to inform them about our hostel bunk beds in Canada they were impressed with the strength differences between domestic and commercial bunk beds.


Dallas camp bunk bed with timber look

Summer camps near and far are benefiting from our Dallas range of adult camp bunk beds Canada, the superiority of its construction and design means the Dallas range of hostel bunk beds will out last any low quality bunk bed designed for a domestic market. The Dallas’s appearance alone surprises the most skeptic of summer camp clients giving them assurance that the Dallas is a top end secure investment. We are so confident that our Dallas range of hostel bunk beds will outlast any domestic metal bunk bed that we offer a 3 year warranty on its structure.

Getting the message out to the far reaches of Alaska or outback Canada is as tough as the trail to get there! However adult camp bunk beds Canada are being used more and more; these are sometimes Christian camps that allow young people to experience the wilderness, therefore a simple Google search brings outback folks closer to our great robust hostel bunk beds!

Manufacturing large scale means good prices

At ESS our adult bunk beds or queen size bunk beds we have the facilities and means of delivering anywhere on the globe using a large network of agents.  We mainly ship our bunk beds and associated products in 20 or 40ft shipping containers but also we ship LCL (less than a container load). Contact your USA / Canadian ESS representative via our website to see what they can actually do for you!

The Dallas D2 adult camp bunk beds Canada


Dallas D2 at Green Valley Christian Camp California


Quality heavy duty bunk beds Japan

Finding quality heavy duty bunk beds Japan, mattresses and associated equipment for commercial use can be a daunting task! most search results on any search engine offer inferior quality bunk beds which are really only suitable for a domestic home environment. Here at ESS we only manufacture for commercial organisations; we offer the strongest quality bunk beds, contract waterproof mattresses, and under bed storage lockers at a fantastic competitive rate. Our very own products are that successful that ESS are now set up and supplying quality heavy duty bunk beds Japan.

Quality heavy duty bunk beds Japan


Dallas D2 in a Japanese ski lodge

A quality bunk bed which can truly be called a hostel bunk bed is so called because the bunk bed has gone through and passed commercial testing and complies to all safety standards required by all western nations. commercial bunk beds must comply with stringent entrapment hazard standards and to pass the commercial strength test, a weight is dropped onto the sleeping platform no less than 500 times which the welds must survive. The Dallas quality heavy duty bunk beds Japan ski cabins, university campuses etc has been designed to give a working period lifespan of 3 years but if looked after and maintained this true hostel bunk bed will far outlast its designed lifespan.

At ESS we like to be considered as leaders in innovation by constantly aiming to improve our quality bunk beds. at ESS we don’t stop there; with our under bed storage lockers and quality waterproof mattresses which are National Health Service (UK) approved and used we are constantly developing new products to compliment our Dallas range of quality heavy duty bunk beds for Japan.

Choose once; choose right! we don’t just supply quality bunk beds, commercial waterproof mattresses and under bed storage lockers (which saves room in your hostel or university) we also provide a 5 star service and proud of our communication!

Fell free to brows our brochure website


USA, Japan, UK and Australian triple sleeper bunk bed


Adult Bunk Bed

Heavy Duty Bunk Beds Australia

Most organisations have a challenge when the need arises to buy heavy duty bunk beds Australia and New Zealand; such a major purchases for Christian camps, backpacker hostels, holiday camps and holiday homes the purchaser has to rely on images on websites to assess many important factors.

  • Strength in design
  • Bed bug proof
  • Stability in design
  • Longevity outlook
  • Aesthetic coatings
  • Real heavy duty bunk beds Australia
  • After sales care
  • Real warranty

The ultimate test

It is no secret that the ultimate test for any peace of mind when making a major purchase for heavy duty bunk beds in Australia is undoubted to be testimonials from previous customers. Testimonials are voluntary feedback statements from actual customers who use heavy duty bunk beds Australia and New Zealand wide.

Testimonials on websites such as Equipment Supply Solutions (ESS) are a sure way of having peace of mind when making a volume purchase. Here is some advice:

Study bunk bed images carefully, check to make sure the bunk bed meets safety standard design, check the assembled weight, generally the heavier the bunk bed the stronger it is! For example, most metal tubular bunk beds and timer bunk beds on the market are designed for domestic use, you know, like the bunk beds you see in stores such as IKEA and corner furniture shops. This domestic design accounts for over 95% of bunk beds you see on the market.

How to identify a true heavy duty bunk bed for commercial use

Look at the Dallas single over single bunk bed below, the sheer visual impact separates it from domestic models.


Heavy duty bunk bed by ESS

A good guide is to see the heavy duty bunk bed in a real situation, if the website does not show the bunk bed in that situation ask for images, see below example of the Dallas D2 in a real situation:


Dallas D2 in a real situation

Be careful when choosing heavy duty bunk beds Australia be sure to do your homework – contact ESS today for REAL heavy duty bunk beds!


Heavy duty bunk beds

Heavy duty bunk beds being used in a domestic market

As the kids bedroom becomes more and more tech parents are given many options where heavy duty bunk beds are concerned. Many companies around the globe offer these so called Heavy duty bunk beds but let us look at what some companies call their heavy duty bunk beds range and what is described as bunk beds designed for a domestic market.

Children's bunk beds

Typical domestic bunk bed

Heavy duty bunk beds

Heavy duty bunk beds

Identifying the difference heavy duty bunk beds and domestic

The first obvious sign is the appearance of a domestic bunk bed versus a true heavy duty bunk bed, there are few ways to ensure you are really getting heavy duty bunk beds, question your supplier, some of the answers should be:

  • Assembled weight should be in the 70 kilo range as above Dallas heavy duty bunk bed image
  • Welding of components should be seam welding
  • Sleeping platform weight rate should be at least 250 kilos with the above Dallas being 500 kilos rated
  • Is the model you are inquiring about being used in a reputable organisation such as a hostel bunk bed in a backpackers hostel
  • is the paintwork a commercial powder coat such as Polyester Epoxy Powder Coating

These attributes should also apply to other heavy duty bunk beds models such as triple sleeper bunk bed or triple tier bunk bed as below image

heavy duty bunk beds

Triple tier bunk bed

Safety in design

Very often with a true heavy duty bunk bed it will be designed and manufactured to United Nations safety standards; this includes entrapment hazards and strength of components. The design says every components should not be able to be removed without a tool, that for a heavy duty bunk bed design should be safe from snagging of clothing when dismounting to avoid strangulation

For the safety of our children Equipment Supply Solutions advises to choose your bunk beds wisely!

Triple tier bunk bed

Hostel Bunk Bed Safety

Hostel Bunk bed safety

ESS has compiled some basic safety requirements when manufacturing or supplying where hostel bunk bed safety is concerned. This United Nations (including Australian and New Zealand) mandatory standard prescribes the requirements for the construction, design and labeling requirements of hostel bunk bed safety, this also applies to adult bunk beds used by summer camps.

About bunks beds

The mandatory standard for bunk beds applies to:

  • a set of components that are assembled or are ready for assembly into single beds or double/single combination beds that will be stacked one over the other
  • any single bed, other than a hospital bed, where the top of the mattress base is at least 800 mm above the floor surface.

The mandatory standard prescribes the requirements for the construction, design and labelling requirements of bunk beds.


Falls are the most common source of injury involving a bunk bed and can be fatal. Children can suffer serious injuries such as concussions and fractures if they fall from a raised/upper bed.

Strangulation or accidental hanging can occur if children have their head or neck caught between gaps in and around the bunk bed, or if clothing is snagged on parts of the bed that stick out.  Children’s heads and limbs can also become trapped within gaps in the bunk bed structure.

hostel bunk bed safety

The Dallas bunk bed

Mandatory standard

The mandatory standard is based on certain sections of the voluntary Australian New Zealand standard AS/NZS 4220:1994 Bunk beds.

You must consult the mandatory standard for these details.

Mandatory requirements

These requirements aim to give ESS customers a general idea of what is required by the mandatory standard when choosing contract bunk beds. Suppliers must not rely on this information as a complete guide to compliance.

Design and construction


Bunk beds must have permanently fixed guardrails to all four sides and ends, with a minimum vertical distance between the upper surface of the guardrail and the upper surface of the mattress base of 260 mm.

No dangerous gaps

Bunk beds must not have any dangerous gaps that can trap a child’s head or limbs.

No protrusions

Parts of a bunk bed that stick out (protrusions) greater than 8 mm are not allowed as they provide hanging points that can lead to strangulation or accidental hanging.

Informative labels

Bunk beds must come with a label or marking indicating the maximum mattress height on the raised/upper bed where the height of the guardrails is less than 360 mm. This is to ensure that the effective height of the safety barrier is maintained to prevent children falling.

Does this apply to your business?

Under the UN or in this case Australian Consumer Law supply includes:

  • in relation to goods – (including re-supply) by way of sale, exchange, lease, hire or hire-purchase
  • in relation to services – provide, grant or confer.

This ban applies to anyone in the business of supplying this product, including:

  • manufacturers
  • importers
  • distributors
  • retailers
  • hirers.

Choosing hostel bunk beds from Equipment Supply Solutions you are assured that every bunk bed has been designed to meet ALL mandatory regulations

Contact an ESS representative in your country today to learn why your investment in real contract quality bunk beds

The Curves at the top of the Dallas bunk beds avoids snagging of clothing making it perfect for hostel bunk bed safety

The Curves at the top of the Dallas bunk beds avoids snagging of clothing


Quality bunk beds comes to you

In this modern day of purchasing from an image online is a fantastic way to shop for your hostel bunk beds and quality equipment; the image on the websites show this quality; Right? We at ESS Universal Ltd are only too aware that what you see on a website image is not always the quality you would probably get or quite simply can leave you with more questions than answers. Some of our clients invest heavily into quality bunk beds and equipment, therefore we offer a no obligation to buy viewing service whereby we visit you, the client, in a purposely equipped show van.


The show van is not over-sized and is in fact a Ford Transit long wheel base high top model which on the inside resembles a hostel sleep system setup; it is extremely satisfying when the operator of this show vehicle opens the entrance doors to the rear only to see the suprised look on a clients face and very often hear the words “Wow”!! We strongly believe our Dallas hostel bunk bed is the strongest and most aesthetically pleasing model available. our blue water resistant mattresses, water proof water resistant memory foam pillows and chrome under bed storage lockers compliment the Dallas quality bunk bed which is in standard black.

Why take a chance on relying on an image? see and test our hostel bunk bed before you make that crucial decision to buy or even hire, see the quality in our under bed storage lockers or test drive one of our comfortable water resistant contract mattresses and contract water resistant memory foam pillows just by booking your visit.

A heavy duty bunk bed, quality bunk bed or hostel bunk bed is suitable for a commercial environment – see for yourself by booking with us today!