Best bunk beds university campus

There was an article I read in the Guardian about universities and bunk beds the crux of it is choosing best bunk beds university campus accommodation in their halls of residence the article goes on to explain that actually, the reason why that some students aren’t able to stay in halls of residence is because of a lack of space that means in extreme cases, students are being given privately rented accommodation and even hotels!

Living on campus

Living on campus is a huge part of university life and off site students are disappointed and in some cases find it difficult to build as many relationships. Universities such as Exeter are taking the situation into their own hands and are converting single rooms into doubles by installing bunk beds just to cope with the demand for places. A good example of the type of bunk beds universities are using is the ESS Dallas range of commercial sleep systems, these are probably the best bunk beds university campus


a typical university bunk bed

Has your university experienced these problems? If so have you gone down the route of bunk beds?

If you are hesitant to take this step forward here are a few reasons why you would benefit from our beds:

  • Our bunk beds are durable and great quality.
  • Our bunk beds come with a guarantee.
  • Our bunk beds are very reasonably priced.
  • Our bunk beds are designed to take our many accessories
  • Best bunk beds university campus

Happy students is good for your reputation

Not only are the benefits based around our ESS brand but the concept of providing bunk beds in your university accommodation is plentiful. Your students will be happier as they are based on campus with their peers, which immediately relates to their performance and therefore grades. As you will well know; the better your students results, the better your reputation. The other added bonus of happy students is of course, cheerful lecturers. If your students are not complaining and causing bad feeling the chances are the faculty will enjoy their job more and your staff turnover will decrease.

All this for the sake of a bunk bed… how could you say no?

If you have any questions and would like to talk to our friendly team regarding best bunk beds university campus solution just contact us at your convenience.


The Dallas D4 University campus dorm

Commercial quality bunk beds over domestic

When starting or renewing quality bunk beds for a hostel or adventure park where children or adults sleep over, there are not many suppliers that supply quality bunk beds. In the UK alone there are really only 4 suppliers that can claim to supply real commercial quality bunk beds. one of these companies ESS Universal Ltd guarantees this quality and boasts the lowest cost.

Each commercial quality bunk bed is manufactured from 1.2 wall thickness steel, the thicker steel makes this sturdy hostel bunk bed weigh in at 65 kgs almost twice the weight of a typical domestic metal hostel bunk bed. the thicker steel on the Dallas contract quality bunk bed means the welding can fuse to the two metals deeper without blowing or melting away the steel; this produces a superior strong weld which is infact stronger than the steel it surrounds!

Another benefit to the Dallas contract quality bunk bed is that it is made from square box section steel, box section will always be stronger than round tubular due to the 4 walls that make up the box shape. Combine all of this with high tensile steel fixing bolts and you have a robust quality bunk bed more superior than its nearest rival or any domestic quality bunk bed. This box section is also used on the ladder and side safety rails again making them strong and sturdy. Looking around a lot of adventure camps and backpacker hostels it is found that the supposed quality bunk beds used are either of a pine timber construction or metal that is only suitable for domestic use. On the metal domestic hostel bunk bed the side safety rails are often bent downwards caused by the occupier mounting the top platform; the bunk bed side safety rails simply cannot take that kind of pressure. As with pine quality bunk beds, this is a natural living material which will swell and retract in changing weather conditions, this causes the joints to open and close, much like a door that closes one day and the next day seems jammed!

Choosing a quality bunk bed over a domestic model has its obvious benefits but one of the biggest benefits of all is the longevity of investment, it is the saddest sight in the world to see a not for profit organisation seeing their hard earned investment laying on the front lawn unuseable. Dont let that happen to your organisation; speak to us at ESS Universal where you are guaranteed to be delivered real quality bunk beds and real quality equipment!

Supply your Hostel with our beds

Women’s refuge organisations are beyond helpful to many individuals. There are hundreds of thousands of women that experience domestic abuse, and these women seek for help and comfort in these residences. 1 in 4 women experience abuse in their lifetime and over 750,000 children witness it on a regular basis. Some women will arrive with a number of children, and there is not always enough space in the rooms to fit several single beds, as well as any treasured belongings that may have been bought along.

However, bunk beds provide double bedding, and in some cases you may find extra use from triple bunks or a single over double model.
We also provide under-bed storage, allowing any items to be stored safely and securely. For younger or nervous children that may experience incontinence, we have water resistant mattresses to ensure the mattress stays dry and clean and avoid discomfort, as the mattress can simply be wiped clean.

For those clumsy children, we also have railings around the sides of our top bunks so there is no worry of them falling out and severely hurting themselves.

As previously mentioned we also provide ‘single over double’ bunk beds, with a double bed on the bottom then a single on the top. Another option is the aforementioned ‘triple’ bunk bed, consisting of three single beds one on top of the other. This is a great bunk bed as the floor space is only taken up by the size of a single bed but provides bedding for three people.

As if that was not enough; if you don’t have the time to set up the beds yourself, we will happily come and do it for you!

We take pride in all of our bunk beds being both sturdy and durable; providing safe sleeping space for all women and their children within a refuge. All these women and children need is a safe place to sleep. Contact us now, and find the high quality bunk beds they need.