Christian Camp and Conference Association – National Conference

We recently returned home from our two-day trade show in Nashville, TN.  What a great experience it was for ESS Universal ! We at met hundreds of Camp Directors [ & staff ] across the United States.  Not only were we able to display [ & show off ] our Adult Bunk Beds, but we were able to develop relationships from Alaska down to Florida.  It is great to see [ & hear ] the stories of camps thriving, and children [ & adults ] experiencing the great outdoors !  It was fun to be able to discuss our Heavy Duty Bunk Beds directly with the decision makers of these organizations.

Something to note:  It appears camps are beginning to lean away from wooden bunk beds, and more towards a metal bunk bed frame.  The issue of Bed Bugs has been the main reason for this.  Bed bugs prefer the warmth of the wood that they can physically burrow into, verses the metal frame that stays noticeably more cool.  We used this as the perfect opportunity to promote our Bed Bug Free Design.  We also heard more, and more stories about mattress issues.  The good news is, you can purchase mattresses pretty much anywhere, but the quality you are finding is limited.  Here at ESS we were proud to showcase our Waterproof Foam Core Mattress, with the polyurethane, machine-washable cover.  Even the competitors agreed it is a great product.

Camp Trends:

  • $18 billion dollar industry
  • More than 14,000 day and resident camps exist in the U.S. 8,400 are resident (overnight) and 5,600 are day camps.
  • Each year more than 14 million children and adults attend camp in the U.S.
  • Nonprofit groups including youth agencies and religious organizations operate approximately 11,000 camps, and 2,500 are privately owned independent for-profit operators.
  • In the past 10 years, there has been an increase in the use of international staff to expose campers to different cultures. Nearly 20% of staff are from other countries.

Thank you to all the great folks we were able to meet last week in Nashville, TN & the great members of the Christian Camp and Conference Association.  We cannot wait to serve you today, tomorrow, and beyond !

CCCA - Trade Show - Adult Bunk Bed

Trade Show:  CCCA | Nashville, TN


Hostel Bunk Bed Safety

Hostel Bunk bed safety

ESS has compiled some basic safety requirements when manufacturing or supplying where hostel bunk bed safety is concerned. This United Nations (including Australian and New Zealand) mandatory standard prescribes the requirements for the construction, design and labeling requirements of hostel bunk bed safety, this also applies to adult bunk beds used by summer camps.

About bunks beds

The mandatory standard for bunk beds applies to:

  • a set of components that are assembled or are ready for assembly into single beds or double/single combination beds that will be stacked one over the other
  • any single bed, other than a hospital bed, where the top of the mattress base is at least 800 mm above the floor surface.

The mandatory standard prescribes the requirements for the construction, design and labelling requirements of bunk beds.


Falls are the most common source of injury involving a bunk bed and can be fatal. Children can suffer serious injuries such as concussions and fractures if they fall from a raised/upper bed.

Strangulation or accidental hanging can occur if children have their head or neck caught between gaps in and around the bunk bed, or if clothing is snagged on parts of the bed that stick out.  Children’s heads and limbs can also become trapped within gaps in the bunk bed structure.

hostel bunk bed safety

The Dallas bunk bed

Mandatory standard

The mandatory standard is based on certain sections of the voluntary Australian New Zealand standard AS/NZS 4220:1994 Bunk beds.

You must consult the mandatory standard for these details.

Mandatory requirements

These requirements aim to give ESS customers a general idea of what is required by the mandatory standard when choosing contract bunk beds. Suppliers must not rely on this information as a complete guide to compliance.

Design and construction


Bunk beds must have permanently fixed guardrails to all four sides and ends, with a minimum vertical distance between the upper surface of the guardrail and the upper surface of the mattress base of 260 mm.

No dangerous gaps

Bunk beds must not have any dangerous gaps that can trap a child’s head or limbs.

No protrusions

Parts of a bunk bed that stick out (protrusions) greater than 8 mm are not allowed as they provide hanging points that can lead to strangulation or accidental hanging.

Informative labels

Bunk beds must come with a label or marking indicating the maximum mattress height on the raised/upper bed where the height of the guardrails is less than 360 mm. This is to ensure that the effective height of the safety barrier is maintained to prevent children falling.

Does this apply to your business?

Under the UN or in this case Australian Consumer Law supply includes:

  • in relation to goods – (including re-supply) by way of sale, exchange, lease, hire or hire-purchase
  • in relation to services – provide, grant or confer.

This ban applies to anyone in the business of supplying this product, including:

  • manufacturers
  • importers
  • distributors
  • retailers
  • hirers.

Choosing hostel bunk beds from Equipment Supply Solutions you are assured that every bunk bed has been designed to meet ALL mandatory regulations

Contact an ESS representative in your country today to learn why your investment in real contract quality bunk beds

The Curves at the top of the Dallas bunk beds avoids snagging of clothing making it perfect for hostel bunk bed safety

The Curves at the top of the Dallas bunk beds avoids snagging of clothing


Syrian refugee bunk bed shortage

120,000 refugees and migrants have been received by Sweden to date and a massive 190,000 still expected to come in 2016, this creates a Syrian refugee bunk bed shortage with IKEA completely out of stock in many countries.

Syrian internally displaced people walk in the Atme camp, along the Turkish border in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib, on March 19, 2013. The conflict in Syria between rebel forces and pro-government troops has killed at least 70,000 people, and forced more than one million Syrians to seek refuge abroad. AFP PHOTO/BULENT KILIC        (Photo credit should read BULENT KILIC/AFP/Getty Images)

Syrian internally displaced people walk in the Atme camp, along the Turkish border in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib, on March 19, 2013. The conflict in Syria between rebel forces and pro-government troops has killed at least 70,000 people, and forced more than one million Syrians to seek refuge abroad. AFP PHOTO/BULENT KILIC (Photo credit should read BULENT KILIC/AFP/Getty Images)

Swedish Migration Agency has become so desperate that it allowed around 50 refugees to sleep on the floor in its head office on Thursday, as it had failed to find any other accommodation for them. companies such as global manufacturer Equipment Supply Solutions (ESS) have been approached to find a solution to the growing problem. The companies CEO William Lewis explains that most organisations and charities require bunk beds and mattresses within a short time and do not allow for manufacture and shipping time. William Lewis went on to say that ESS has found a part solution by pre-manufacturing stock bringing the wait time down from 9 to 5 weeks. See the ESS website link below and keep a look out for the Rob Bliss promotions YouTube video due out soon which follows the Donald Trump campaign regarding refugees

Refugee bunk bed shortage – Germany has now downgraded its Syrian refugee status and welcoming policy

Germany has reduced its welcoming policy towards refugees from Syria by  legislating a law allowing the families of migrants to join them in Germany, according to Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ daily newspaper).

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung also revealed that the government is cutting back on legal protection normally available for newly arrived Refugees.

bunk bed

Refugee bunk bed that’s built to safety standards

Single beds

Converts to single beds

The main policy change reads; A Syrian refugee can only qualify for one residence permit for up to one year, and will not have the ability to invite the rest of their immediate family to join them in Germany. Equipment Supply Solutions (ESS Ltd) states; This will ease the pressure on the demand for refugee bunk beds at least in Germany.

“The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees has been ordered to only grant secondary protection for refugees from Syria’s civil war,” the FAZ cited an interior ministry document as saying.

Historically, Germany had given “full protection” to refugees, which included three-year residence permit and the right of family reunification.

German and Swedish government departments have been welcoming towards the Syrian refugees coming to their respective countries so far but their accommodation and bunk bed resources are diminishing fast.

With a population of 79.5 million, Germany alone may receive 1.5 million Syrian asylum seekers in this and next year. Germany has accepted more asylum applications than any other EU nation, critics are pointing to the very high number of uneducated refugees arriving in the country and most are illiterate.

Syrian refugees needing bunk beds for accommodation

Syrian refugees needing bunk beds for accommodation

According to the latest data cited by FAZ, August brought Germany a massive 55,600 refugee applications from Syrians, 38,600 of these were granted permanent residency.

Germany’s population remains extremely divided on the government’s response to help refugees; the right-wing PEGIDA movement (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Occident) has been growing quickly in popularity. Activists mostly from PEGIDA movement have been taking to the streets for anti-refugee demonstrations that are often met with counter-protesters, which often leads to clashes and collateral damage.

Detachable bunk bed

Best adult bunk bed selling at ESS Sleep System

ESS Sleep Systems is a distributor of quality adult bunk beds for commercial markets. With distribution servicing the U.K., Europe, Scandinavia, Africa, and America we are committed to you, the customer. We pride ourselves on fulfilling orders with innovative products, which are sourced both nationally and internationally. All products have been subjected to vigorous standard compliance testing, so you can rest assured that your beds will be of the highest possible quality at the best possible price… Our Company, Your Solution.

When you buy from us, you are not just making a purchase; you’re making an investment. Our mission is to provide the best price imaginable without ever compromising on quality. We aim to be at the forefront of fabrication techniques as well as ground-breaking new product developments. Our dedicated staff looks forward to providing you a high quality product at a great price! Please do not hesitate to reach out with any inquiries!

We guarantee we have the solution for you!

Metal Bunk Beds

adult bunk beds

Check out our full line of commercial bunk beds featuring industrial grade steel single bed, single over single bunk beds, single over double bunk beds, and our triple bunk bed! ESS Sleep Solutions stand behind our products and offer a three year warranty on our full line of commercial bunk beds.


mattresses, foam mattresses, water resistant mattresses, durable mattresses

ESS Sleep Solutions supplies water resistant high density foam mattresses uniquely suited for the hospitality industry, hostels, bed and breakfasts, military, universities, summer camps, and social service applications. These durable mattresses are designed to fit our full range of commercial bunk beds. All of our mattresses include a removable cover that is machine washable at high temperatures.

Under Bed Storage Lockers

ESS Sleep Systems

Our premium under bed storage lockers maximize space and keep belongings safe and secure. These industrial storage lockers roll seamlessly under our range of commercial bunk beds including the Dallas Single, Dallas Single Over Single, and Dallas Single Over Double.

Privacy Curtains

ESS Sleep Systems

Add additional privacy to our commercial bunk beds by featuring these high quality flame retardant privacy curtains built to fit the bottom compartment of our Dallas Single Over Single bunk bed. Our commercial bunk bed privacy curtains are made from 100% polyester and omit 98% of light providing guests a higher quality of sleep.

Camp bunk beds

A contract camp bunk bed, also known as a ‘cot’ in America and Canada, is a larger more permanent, heavyweight bunk bed which is used where smaller more portable bunk beds cannot be used. ESS Sleep Systems popular D2 is designed for this heavy commercial use. The obvious benefits of this bunk bed is its robustness and caters for the full size adult. Camp bunk beds are normally used by armies back packer hostels, YMCA summer camps, employee accommodation in tourism and such places like the oil and gas/mining industries. However in recent years we have witnessed a mass exodus of refugees into Europe especially from Syria, with many women and children quite literally sleeping on a cold floor has prompted ESS Sleep Systems to develop a refugee bunk bed for that ’emergency situation’ when there is a need to quickly provide accommodation for these unfortunate souls. ESS Sleep Systems developed the T2, a purpose designed refugee bunk bed which offers the safety design of the D2 camp bunk bed but at a hugely reduced price.

bunk bed

Refugee bunk bed that’s built to safety standards

Camp bunk beds generally consist of a robust metal frame which should be designed to meet entrapment hazard safety standards and built to withstand the pressures of army life or as a hostel bunk bed situation be able to withstand the constant change of occupier in the hospitality industry.

San Francisco fire department assembling the Dallas D2 camp bunk bed

San Francisco volunteer fire department assembling the Dallas D2 camp bunk bed

The first camp bunk bed was developed by the Roman army. The use of bunk beds by Roman garrisons meant making the most use of the small room sizes in the outpost fortresses such as in Roman Britain.

It was during the Soviet period, the sheer lack of homes in the then Soviet Union brought on a huge use of camp bunk beds that made them iconic elements of the Soviet Union life.