Welcome to our showroom!


A little under a month ago we opened our first showroom in Chelmsford, Essex for the general public to come and have a look at what we do and how we can benefit not just customers who require products en mass but also those who are looking for beds for themselves. What makes our products better than those bought from other shops is the quality of everything we provide, from the bed frame right down to the mattress. We want to allow you the best night sleep at a reasonable price.

We think that by having a showroom, you can see the sizes of the bunk beds and actually get a feel for what they look and feel like, before you think about purchasing them. We understand that measurements are important, however being able to see the product in action is even better! You may think that you have enough room for a triple bunk bed however when you see the triple Dallas, you can see just how big it really is!

We have the top of the range chunky bunk detachable in our showroom and we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed! Not only are the beds full adult size, they have the ability to be able to detach into two single beds, just in case your guests don’t fancy the climb up when staying around your house!

The antique honey glossing that is given to these bunks show the quality of the craftsmanship off extremely well and we are proud to have them in our showroom for you to see. If you are looking to replace your bed, why not come and stop by our showroom and talk to one of our representatives, they would be more than willing to help find what you need at a fantastic price.