Why universities use ESS bunk beds

Why Universities use ESS bunk beds

With the many types of bunk bed options out there on the global market a university or place of learning with a campus has to sift through these choices but going direct to ESS universal has proved time and time again that investing into quality is a sure fire bet of success.


ESS Universal safety and security tips

Side Safety guard Rails

ESS supplies as standard side safety guard rails and ladder; residential managers and students alike should never modify a bunk bed such as changing the components in a way that deviates away from the basic design.

For safety reasons all upper compartment sleeping surfaces have side safety rails installed as standard on every ESS university bunk bed.  It is the resident manager’s responsibility to have a set periodic safety inspection and if a bunk bed side safety rail is damaged, removed or not secured then that bunk bed needs to be decommissioned until that bunk bed is deemed safe to use.  ESS always aims to eliminate such issues by supplying as standard strong, sturdy side safety rails; just another reason why universities use ESS bunk beds

Students must not be able to dismantle a university bunk bed or side safety rail

Taking steps to ensure safety in a campus dorm

  • Placing student Bunk beds near a wall must not be more than 70mm from that wall which can cause an entrapment scenario.
  • Side Safety Rails cannot be removed without using a tool.
  • ESS designs it’s student bunk beds that also use the headboard and foot board as an end side safety rail.

Student items must never obstruct a bunk bed ladder, this causes an extreme trip hazard!  For student safety, the ESS student bunk bed is designed for the mounting and demount of the bunk bed with a vertical ladder system that attaches to the bunk bed by 4 points, the student should always keep the body as close to the ladder frame as possible and always keep at least one hand on the ladder at all times.

It is essential that a clear fire exit is established in a campus dorm residence, the law requires a ‘gangway’ of at least 750mm between a bunk bed set up when those university bunk beds are laid out parallel in any room.

University bunk bed Residence dorm Safety further points

It is essential for students who use university bunk beds to share the responsibility for the safe use of such beds and equipment in their dormitory. ESS has composed the following safety list as a guide only.

  • Never tamper with any component of a student university bunk bed
  • Never rearrange a bunk bed room position without the resident manager’s authorization
  • Never Position a bunk bed next to a window
  • Never position a student bunk bed near a ceiling light
  • Never position a bunk bed adjacent to a wall mounted air conditioning unit
  • Never modify a hostel bunk bed as this creates safety issues



beds or bunk beds for campus

Beds or Bunk beds for a campus

In any university campus dorm the utilization of space is critical beds or bunk beds for campus dorm its a matter of choice however it is widely known that a bunk bed is a good starting point when designing the layout of the room when space is limited.


ESS Design concepts


Hostel bunk bed manufacturers such as ESS Universal are mainly manufacture contractors so are familiar with the set up needs of a university dormitory. Beds, bunk beds, lockers, desks & chairs and even power supply utility panels, the choice is wide and varied.



Why choice is governed by available space

In every university, school or learning institution there are expected number of students expected to stay on campus. A campus normally has a limit of available dorms [rooms], if the university offers a normal single bed then this will obviously affect the quantity of students that can be accommodated on campus. However, ever more increasingly universities are having their question answered beds or bunk beds for campus, and going forward opting for bunk beds, especially is inner city areas where space is a premium.

An introduction to a specialist hostel bunk bed manufacturer such as ESS Universal that manufacture purpose made beds or bunk beds for campus as well as space saving under bed storage lockers as below image. The benefits of working with a professional company like ESS Universal gives assurance for your investment


ESS Under bed storage locker

Space saving ideas come from years of experience in all aspects of university campus dormitory set up’s; beds or bunk beds for campus you can find the answers at the ESS global website and by contacting ESS in your country, yes in your country! ESS has representation in Asia, USA and Canada, UK and Europe, Australia and New Zealand so contact your friendly helpful ESS rep today!

http://www.heavydutybunkbeds.com  OR for China / Asia Pacific region http://www.heavydutybunkbeds.cn

Beds or bunk beds for campus will be answered! ESS China serves universities across mainland China and Asia!

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Dormitory bunk beds


ESS are extremely proud to be the supplier of dormitory bunk beds for Outward Bound Oman! Will your organisation or school benefit from ESS commercial bunk beds? Contact ESS in your country today to find out how we can help you! www.heavydutybunkbeds.com or Asia www.heavydutybunkbeds.cn





Strong personnel lockers preferred by universities

With today’s economics It is no secret that strong personnel lockers preferred universities, no matter what school or learning institution at some point the decision to purchase dormitory equipment will eventuate; dormitory bunk beds, items of school furniture such as school desks, chairs and school lockers need to be tough

Buyers for educational products are increasingly having to spread their budget when purchasing school desks, chairs, bunk beds and personnel lockers. in the past, buyers would source lower cost products that would very often be flimsy, not able to withstand the daily grind of the student or in the case of a summer camp, a camper who has little respect for bunk beds or lockers, this is why strong personnel lockers preferred universities, they get more bang for their buck!

Getting the right equipment is essential

A study by ESS Sleep Systems has shown that buyers for universities are now turning to commercial equipment suppliers for more robust equipment and are choosing heavy duty bunk beds over domestic models such as the IKEA type wooden bunk bed which really is designed for little Johnnies bedroom. Purchasers around the globe are adopting ‘Quality versus expenditure’ to ensure longevity of personnel lockers, dormitory bunk beds, school desks, chairs and even purpose made waterproof dormitory mattresses.


School camp wardrobe

The ESS strong personnel lockers preferred universities

With wall thickness steel T0.7 the ESS personnel locker is as strong as this companies school desks, chairs and especially the ESS Dallas heavy duty adult bunk beds sturdy, tough and robust for any camp, traveler hostel and even this system joins ESS military style bunk beds

  • Wall thickness steel of 0.7
  • Any type handle and locking system including pad lock
  • Versatile easy assembly structure from flat pack
  • Personnel locker is wardrobe and shelf style that conserves space
  • Quality manufacturing by ESS products that last!

Varidesk office desk power panel

So you are looking to buy a Varidesk, congratulations but ensure you buy the original at www.varidesk.com/  also available is the smartly designed and simple to set up and easy to use is the ESS Varidesk office desk power panel specifically designed to clear the clutter on your office desk. No assembly and easy to install this cleaver office power panel will give amazing benefits!

Screwed to the wall above your current desk this office desk accessory boasts its unique values and benefits:

  • A full metal jacket [body] that is tough and last for years
  • International power socket to charge up your tablet or laptop
  • USB port powerful enough to charge any smart phone or gadget
  • A reading light to give that extra illumination over your workspace
  • A cooling fan to move the air around you while you work in a stuffy office
  • A storage locker to lock away valuables which is large enough to house a smart phone on charge
  • A generous shelf allowing all that clutter to be away from valuable desk space


We also made our Varidesk office desk power panel for another amazing use! Our utility power panel was originally designed for the university dorm bed accessory but is fast becoming used for many children’s bedrooms fitted on an adjacent wall giving power to all the modern gadgets and a soft night light.

Apart from your home office, there are many places that the ESS  Varidesk office desk power panel can be used:


Smart uses for the ESS Varidesk office desk power panel:

  • Kids bedrooms
  • Home office desks
  • in the workshop or garden shed
  • University dorms
  • Backpacker hostels
  • Military dorms
  • Anywhere that our military bunk beds are used

Check out our different product series on our brochure website and find the right contract product solution for your workspace or sleeping / studying space.


ESS Utility panel being used on the Dallas bunk bed

The ESS bunk bed power panel

Adult Bunk Bed
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Queen size bunk beds for adults

ESS is a metal bunk bed manufacturer and specializes in queen size bunk beds for adults and all the accessories that go with a typical commercial set up whether it be a scout camp or backpacker hostel. Most of these organisations accommodate adults that can be over six feet tall and a body weight of 300 pounds plus; Equipment Supply Solutions recognizes this and have taken design steps to ensure every model loft bed is robust enough to outlast many other models on today’s market.

Queen size bunk beds for adults

So what if the adults using the bunk beds are over six foot tall? ESS is a manufacturer, therefore any loft bed made by our company can be bespoke [Custom made]. In fact at ESS we have a saying; “If it can be made, we can make it”! Below is an image of our most popular product we call the D2, the D2 is a twin over twin bunk bed and at ESS we strongly believe the Dallas D2 bunk bed is the strongest military style bunk bed in it’s class!


adult queen size twin over twin loft bed in action









Special benefits of choosing the Dallas bunk bed range

It is said that black goes with anything, the Dallas bunk bed range in gloss black is quite striking when fully dressed with the many accessories that ESS has to offer, however the Dallas offers so much more than good looks!

  • The Dallas range is manufactured from 1.0 to 1.2 wall thickness steel and is fully seam welded
  • This queen size bunk beds for adults boasts a full length size and comes in any width
  • The lower sleeping compartment allows a fully grown adult to sit upright when using our M1 mattress
  • Every Dallas hostel bunk bed has many optional extras such as a bed bug proof protection
  • The sleeping platforms on the D1, D2 and D3 is 500 pound rated!


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metal loft bunk beds deter bed bugs

If you want to avoid bed bugs the best thing to do is to avoid getting them metal loft bunk beds deter bed bugs when there are no holes for making cosy nests

What do bed bugs look like anyway?

bed bug
Adult bed bugs are broadly oval, and the size of an apple or melon seed. They are a brownish color or red if they have recently fed.

Now that you have made their acquaintance there are a few things that will help you avoid bed bugs.

1. Metal loft bunk beds deter bed bugs

Who can blame them, I just spent two weeks in the Bahamas much nicer than the drizzle. They breed faster when it is about 80 degrees, it takes approximately a month and a half for babies to turn into adults.

2. Bed Bugs are Travelers

They love hitching a ride. In your suitcase, or on your clothes. They don’t mind going it alone, and are very social and tend to congregate with other bed bugs.

3. Bed Bugs are Mainly Active at Night

They are active usually when humans are sleeping. They like to find hiding places during the day close to beds. Those hiding places tend to be dark crevices, wooden skirting boards, air ducts, mattresses, wooden bed heads, etc. Therefore they do not have to travel far to feed.

5. Bed Bugs Hate Metal

Metal bunk beds are on their all time hate list. Why? Because metal bunk beds are cold. Remember they like the warm. A wooden bunk bed gives bed bugs a cozy place to live but metal bunk beds doesn’t give them anything to live in.

How to help avoid bed bugs in hostels and holiday accommodations.

  • Clean up your clutter. Provide storage that is easy to clean like under bed storage lockers.
  • In busy hostels/hotels purchase foam mattresses with washable covers. Covers allow you to wash them at a very high temperature.
  • Provide mattresses without the cord around the side where bed bugs commonly burrow into.
  • Metal bunk beds provide fewer places for bed bugs to hide.
  • Ensure there are no unplugged holes in any component as below image explains

holes are plugged to prevent insects entering and nesting

when metal is prepared for painting, a prosperous solution is used when the component is dipped, this solution has to drain. The hole is plugged after painting which prevents insects nesting inside ensuring the ESS statement metal loft bunk beds deter bed bugs


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School gym UV plastic lockers

ESS school gym UV Plastic Lockers are manufactured to the highest standards, plastic lockers in various metric or imperial sizes which are molded in many colors and even used with backpacker hostel bunk beds. There is also a large choice of modern lock types that would suit many applications from keys to padlocks, smart cards to key-less locks. ESS provide plastic personnel lockers for many organisations where rust or corrosion is an issue such as swimming pools, spas or outdoor storage areas and even UV resistant. We manufacture plastic personnel / student lockers to health clubs, Swimming pools, universities, schools, summer camps, hotels, holiday vacation parks and resorts. We also manufacture metal lockers, steel lockers that stand the test of time.


The ESS plastic locker range


A smart bench always compliments the ESS plastic locker range

Metal lockers and school gym UV plastic lockers

ESS steel lockers otherwise known as personnel metal lockers are made from .5 or .6mm wall thickness steel and like the school gym UV plastic lockers are tough and as you would expect stand the test of time. customise the size, choose a pleasing color or stay regimental with blue or grey, whatever color theme you choose you will have a great looking secure locker system!


The ESS metal locker example










Adding extras to your locker range

With School gym UV plastic locker or metal locker range it is ideal to get them off the floor; using a purpose made base avoids moisture getting into your lockers and encourages air flow to avoid stagnant air from accumulating. Other accessories or extras include key locks, metal locker smart cards and even combination code punch button type locks. The ESS locker base or platform can be painted to match your locker choice or why not mix and match or color code?


The ESS metal locker base can be painted or color coded







Various kinds of locks for lockers


Lock types for plastic lockers

Why not enquire with friendly ESS staff in your country? www,equipmentsupplysolutions.com


Best bunk beds university campus

There was an article I read in the Guardian about universities and bunk beds the crux of it is choosing best bunk beds university campus accommodation in their halls of residence the article goes on to explain that actually, the reason why that some students aren’t able to stay in halls of residence is because of a lack of space that means in extreme cases, students are being given privately rented accommodation and even hotels!

Living on campus

Living on campus is a huge part of university life and off site students are disappointed and in some cases find it difficult to build as many relationships. Universities such as Exeter are taking the situation into their own hands and are converting single rooms into doubles by installing bunk beds just to cope with the demand for places. A good example of the type of bunk beds universities are using is the ESS Dallas range of commercial sleep systems, these are probably the best bunk beds university campus


a typical university bunk bed

Has your university experienced these problems? If so have you gone down the route of bunk beds?

If you are hesitant to take this step forward here are a few reasons why you would benefit from our beds:

  • Our bunk beds are durable and great quality.
  • Our bunk beds come with a guarantee.
  • Our bunk beds are very reasonably priced.
  • Our bunk beds are designed to take our many accessories
  • Best bunk beds university campus

Happy students is good for your reputation

Not only are the benefits based around our ESS brand but the concept of providing bunk beds in your university accommodation is plentiful. Your students will be happier as they are based on campus with their peers, which immediately relates to their performance and therefore grades. As you will well know; the better your students results, the better your reputation. The other added bonus of happy students is of course, cheerful lecturers. If your students are not complaining and causing bad feeling the chances are the faculty will enjoy their job more and your staff turnover will decrease.

All this for the sake of a bunk bed… how could you say no?

If you have any questions and would like to talk to our friendly team regarding best bunk beds university campus solution just contact us at your convenience.


The Dallas D4 University campus dorm


bunk beds charities

Bunk beds charities non-profit organizations offering accommodations are on the rise adult bunk beds can definitely help resolve space issues. Registered charities have discovered that using commercial quality products such as true hostel bunk beds the organization are benefiting from longevity which comes from the bunk bed commercial structural design. Traditionally it was very near impossible to have a quality contract bunk bed as well as good aesthetics; most metal bunk beds resembled something out of Alcatraz or some Victorian prison. ESS Universal has changed this by combining strength and good looks with the Dallas heavy duty bunk bed range.

Introducing the Dallas bunk beds charities range

This true camp bunk bed range is designed to add many accessories to ensure your guests receive the comfort they will blog about!


Dallas D2 in a Japanese ski lodge

  • Under bed storage security lockers
  • Privacy curtains
  • Water resistant blue mattresses
  • Memory foam water resistant pillows
  • UP1 utility power panel to charge up their gadgets

Using these accessories the contrast against a jet black bunk bed is very appealing. Of course the Dallas can be painted in any RAL color depending on quantity. Because of these aesthetic changes, the charity or hostel concerned can now obtain a real contract system that is pleasing to the eye.

Strength and quality = good investment

The saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’ this is of course true; however, again ESS Universal has broken these rules too and has supplies such organizations as:

  • Boy scouts
  • Diocese
  • Boarding schools
  • Missionaries
  • Refuges

These organizations are benefiting from the quality of a true military bunk bed that looks great and at a price that is affordable.

Contract bunk beds full set with privacy curtains and under bed storage lockers.
Adult hostel bunk beds manufactured to last

Contract bunk beds vs. cheap domestic bunk beds

When a charitable organization has saved money over a long period of time or relied on a very strict budget for a big investment into bunk beds for charities and equipment; choosing a domestic model at your local or national furniture store may seem a good investment but sadly after 6 to 8 months that investment is laying on the front lawn unusable due to a domestic bunk bed being in a commercial environment.

It is wise to choose the correct equipment for the correct application, military bunk beds are the answer, they may cost just a little more but the longevity speaks for itself.