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HI hostel bunk bed manufacturer

Hi hostel bunk bed manufacturer ESS – September brought many good things here at ESS Global, the HI hostel CEO meeting in Zurich was exceptionally educational for visitors and partners alike. ESS Global are proud to announce that we are now HI hostel bunk bed manufacturer.

There were many reasons why ESS Global was selected as preferred hostel bunk bed manufacturer none more so than the quality of commercial bunk beds and equipment. As an added bonus for Hosteling International hostels, only ESS can truly say they are global! Many hostels around the globe now have access to ESS operators who are based in many countries such as China, USA, Australia and Europe, and yes we speak the language!

Why choose ESS as your hostel bunk bed manufacturer?

  • Real commercial bunk beds, mattresses and lockers
  • Bunk bed and mattress bed bug resistant combination
  • We are around the globe and cannot be beaten on price for quality!
  • ESS is the master hostel bunk bed manufacturer
  • ESS carries generous stock of Dallas and Missouri bunk beds
  • ESS carries a generous stock of bed bug resistant mattresses
  • ESS is USA, Europe, Australia, China and Asia – We cover the globe!

A typical metal bunk bed set up, in this case the ESS Missouri hostel bunk bed 500 lbs rated with privacy panels and under bed storage locker


Missouri commercial bunk bed with under bed lockers and privacy screens

Choosing a commercial bunk bed is a good investment, at ESS Universal we only supply the very best in full adult bunk beds and associated equipment.

Every metal bed and bunk bed is fully seam welded making the Dallas and Missouri bunk bed range completely bed bug proof as well as superior strength attributes.

Why not contact your ESS Universal friendly sales teams in your country today to see what amazing deals can be done for your hostel, university or holiday camp

Your contact is via the ESS websites for China Asia Pacific region

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University Campus Bunk Bed Manufacturer

University campus bunk bed manufacturer

ESS is a progressive university campus bunk bed manufacturer that has operational centers strategically across the globe producing commercial bunk bed equipment and considered as a real hostel bunk bed manufacturer

A visit to the ESS Universal global website is a fulfilling experience where browsing through the product pages one can find more than just adult camp bunk beds. From high grade metal lockers to under bed lockers, the visitor to the website will soon establish that ESS Universal is a one stop shop that can truly be considered as a university campus bunk bed manufacturer.

Why ESS is the preferred university campus bunk bed manufacturer

There are many reasons why ESS Universal can be proud to say we are the preferred hostel bunk bed manufacturer but one thing is for sure. With the ESS Universal Dallas and Missouri bunk bed range being superior in strength and design and a superb range of tough metal wardrobes, metal lockers that have a range of locking options ESS is a one stop global shop for university dormitory equipment.

Space saving options from a fantastic university campus bunk bed manufacturer

Space saving in a university dorm or international travelers hostel is essential, browsing through the ESS Universal website will take you to a great space saving option; coupled with the ESS commercial bunk bed range, the L1 or L2 Under bed storage locker is a fabulous space saving addition and looks great too!

ESS Universal under bed storage locker is being used in many accommodation situations from universities, travelers hostels, charities that offer accommodation as well as children’s camps and religious groups; so now you can enjoy the many benefits that this university campus bunk bed manufacturer has to offer!

See the many below benefits of choosing ESS Universal for your next commercial bunk bed purchase:

  • Bunk beds that are bed bug resistant
  • Bunk beds that are fully seam welded not tack welded!
  • Commercial bunk bed strength with sleeping platforms 500lbs + rated
  • Metal bunk beds that have foot plates that can bolt to the floor
  • Full 5 year real warranty
  • A great looking set up with many bed bug resistant options including ESS ‘Bug-Safe’ water resistant mattresses

ESS Universal, we are in your country anuniversity-campus-bunk-bedd excited to work with you!


ESS Under bed storage locker

Atalanta Braves Chooses ESS Adult Bunk Beds

Big and bold Atalanta Braves Chooses ESS Adult Bunk Beds

The Atlanta Braves chooses ESS adult bunk beds to rest their players, yes even the giants in USA sport chooses ESS Dallas range of commercial bunk beds because of it’s high strength, superior quality and suitability


ESS Dallas heavy duty adult bunk bed D2

There are many reasons for choosing real heavy duty bunk beds in a commercial contract environment, the most obvious is strength and longevity versus investment. Recently a sporting organisation contacted ESS USA to enquire about our mighty Dallas detachable and non detachable Dallas bunk bed system, on learning the benefits of our Dallas range the decision become easy!

Here at ESS we are extremely proud to say Atalanta Braves Chooses ESS Adult Bunk Beds and like the Atlanta Braves, many famous sporting teams are choosing our Dallas or Missouri commercial adult bunk beds.

At 500 pound pressure rated both the Dallas dormitory adult bunk bed outlasts and out performs its nearest rivals. Big and small, heavy and tall the Dallas is big and tough! However, here at ESS our design team recognized that as a dominant piece of furniture, the Dallas needed to have good aesthetics.

Beauty and the beast

OK can a bunk bed really be labelled beautiful? Of course not but according to many ESS customers from London to Los Angeles, Australia to Denmark every customer has praised the design of the superior Dallas bunk bed which often is fully complimented by striking blue water proof mattresses, blue pillows and chrome under bed storage lockers, maybe this is why we can say Atalanta Braves Chooses ESS Adult Bunk Beds

heavy duty bunk beds


Atalanta Braves Chooses ESS Adult Bunk Beds. Why?

  • Probably the strongest design in the world
  • Box section fully welded steel bed bug proof system!
  • Easy assembly in 10 minutes [when using a cordless driver]
  • Long warranty which is REAL!
  • No squeak design
  • ability to add accessories manufactured by ESS
  • Black or white as standard but any RAL color with quantity orders


Be smart –  Atalanta Braves Chooses ESS Adult Bunk Beds – They were!



ESS Australia / NZ

ESS China / Asian Pacific Region

ESS Middle East / Africa

Why universities use ESS bunk beds

Why Universities use ESS bunk beds

With the many types of bunk bed options out there on the global market a university or place of learning with a campus has to sift through these choices but going direct to ESS universal has proved time and time again that investing into quality is a sure fire bet of success.


ESS Universal safety and security tips

Side Safety guard Rails

ESS supplies as standard side safety guard rails and ladder; residential managers and students alike should never modify a bunk bed such as changing the components in a way that deviates away from the basic design.

For safety reasons all upper compartment sleeping surfaces have side safety rails installed as standard on every ESS university bunk bed.  It is the resident manager’s responsibility to have a set periodic safety inspection and if a bunk bed side safety rail is damaged, removed or not secured then that bunk bed needs to be decommissioned until that bunk bed is deemed safe to use.  ESS always aims to eliminate such issues by supplying as standard strong, sturdy side safety rails; just another reason why universities use ESS bunk beds

Students must not be able to dismantle a university bunk bed or side safety rail

Taking steps to ensure safety in a campus dorm

  • Placing student Bunk beds near a wall must not be more than 70mm from that wall which can cause an entrapment scenario.
  • Side Safety Rails cannot be removed without using a tool.
  • ESS designs it’s student bunk beds that also use the headboard and foot board as an end side safety rail.

Student items must never obstruct a bunk bed ladder, this causes an extreme trip hazard!  For student safety, the ESS student bunk bed is designed for the mounting and demount of the bunk bed with a vertical ladder system that attaches to the bunk bed by 4 points, the student should always keep the body as close to the ladder frame as possible and always keep at least one hand on the ladder at all times.

It is essential that a clear fire exit is established in a campus dorm residence, the law requires a ‘gangway’ of at least 750mm between a bunk bed set up when those university bunk beds are laid out parallel in any room.

University bunk bed Residence dorm Safety further points

It is essential for students who use university bunk beds to share the responsibility for the safe use of such beds and equipment in their dormitory. ESS has composed the following safety list as a guide only.

  • Never tamper with any component of a student university bunk bed
  • Never rearrange a bunk bed room position without the resident manager’s authorization
  • Never Position a bunk bed next to a window
  • Never position a student bunk bed near a ceiling light
  • Never position a bunk bed adjacent to a wall mounted air conditioning unit
  • Never modify a hostel bunk bed as this creates safety issues



beds or bunk beds for campus

Beds or Bunk beds for a campus

In any university campus dorm the utilization of space is critical beds or bunk beds for campus dorm its a matter of choice however it is widely known that a bunk bed is a good starting point when designing the layout of the room when space is limited.


ESS Design concepts


Hostel bunk bed manufacturers such as ESS Universal are mainly manufacture contractors so are familiar with the set up needs of a university dormitory. Beds, bunk beds, lockers, desks & chairs and even power supply utility panels, the choice is wide and varied.



Why choice is governed by available space

In every university, school or learning institution there are expected number of students expected to stay on campus. A campus normally has a limit of available dorms [rooms], if the university offers a normal single bed then this will obviously affect the quantity of students that can be accommodated on campus. However, ever more increasingly universities are having their question answered beds or bunk beds for campus, and going forward opting for bunk beds, especially is inner city areas where space is a premium.

An introduction to a specialist hostel bunk bed manufacturer such as ESS Universal that manufacture purpose made beds or bunk beds for campus as well as space saving under bed storage lockers as below image. The benefits of working with a professional company like ESS Universal gives assurance for your investment


ESS Under bed storage locker

Space saving ideas come from years of experience in all aspects of university campus dormitory set up’s; beds or bunk beds for campus you can find the answers at the ESS global website and by contacting ESS in your country, yes in your country! ESS has representation in Asia, USA and Canada, UK and Europe, Australia and New Zealand so contact your friendly helpful ESS rep today!  OR for China / Asia Pacific region

Beds or bunk beds for campus will be answered! ESS China serves universities across mainland China and Asia!

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Dormitory bunk beds


ESS are extremely proud to be the supplier of dormitory bunk beds for Outward Bound Oman! Will your organisation or school benefit from ESS commercial bunk beds? Contact ESS in your country today to find out how we can help you! or Asia





Strong personnel lockers preferred by universities

With today’s economics It is no secret that strong personnel lockers preferred universities, no matter what school or learning institution at some point the decision to purchase dormitory equipment will eventuate; dormitory bunk beds, items of school furniture such as school desks, chairs and school lockers need to be tough

Buyers for educational products are increasingly having to spread their budget when purchasing school desks, chairs, bunk beds and personnel lockers. in the past, buyers would source lower cost products that would very often be flimsy, not able to withstand the daily grind of the student or in the case of a summer camp, a camper who has little respect for bunk beds or lockers, this is why strong personnel lockers preferred universities, they get more bang for their buck!

Getting the right equipment is essential

A study by ESS Sleep Systems has shown that buyers for universities are now turning to commercial equipment suppliers for more robust equipment and are choosing heavy duty bunk beds over domestic models such as the IKEA type wooden bunk bed which really is designed for little Johnnies bedroom. Purchasers around the globe are adopting ‘Quality versus expenditure’ to ensure longevity of personnel lockers, dormitory bunk beds, school desks, chairs and even purpose made waterproof dormitory mattresses.


School camp wardrobe

The ESS strong personnel lockers preferred universities

With wall thickness steel T0.7 the ESS personnel locker is as strong as this companies school desks, chairs and especially the ESS Dallas heavy duty adult bunk beds sturdy, tough and robust for any camp, traveler hostel and even this system joins ESS military style bunk beds

  • Wall thickness steel of 0.7
  • Any type handle and locking system including pad lock
  • Versatile easy assembly structure from flat pack
  • Personnel locker is wardrobe and shelf style that conserves space
  • Quality manufacturing by ESS products that last!

Varidesk office desk power panel

So you are looking to buy a Varidesk, congratulations but ensure you buy the original at  also available is the smartly designed and simple to set up and easy to use is the ESS Varidesk office desk power panel specifically designed to clear the clutter on your office desk. No assembly and easy to install this cleaver office power panel will give amazing benefits!

Screwed to the wall above your current desk this office desk accessory boasts its unique values and benefits:

  • A full metal jacket [body] that is tough and last for years
  • International power socket to charge up your tablet or laptop
  • USB port powerful enough to charge any smart phone or gadget
  • A reading light to give that extra illumination over your workspace
  • A cooling fan to move the air around you while you work in a stuffy office
  • A storage locker to lock away valuables which is large enough to house a smart phone on charge
  • A generous shelf allowing all that clutter to be away from valuable desk space


We also made our Varidesk office desk power panel for another amazing use! Our utility power panel was originally designed for the university dorm bed accessory but is fast becoming used for many children’s bedrooms fitted on an adjacent wall giving power to all the modern gadgets and a soft night light.

Apart from your home office, there are many places that the ESS  Varidesk office desk power panel can be used:


Smart uses for the ESS Varidesk office desk power panel:

  • Kids bedrooms
  • Home office desks
  • in the workshop or garden shed
  • University dorms
  • Backpacker hostels
  • Military dorms
  • Anywhere that our military bunk beds are used

Check out our different product series on our brochure website and find the right contract product solution for your workspace or sleeping / studying space.


ESS Utility panel being used on the Dallas bunk bed

The ESS bunk bed power panel

Queen size bunk beds

When searching for queen size bunk beds for summer camps or hostels looking for heavy duty bunk beds then why not visit ESS one stop shop manufacturer direct for big quantity only ESS has the Dallas or Missouri range which we believe is probably the strongest bunk bed range in the world


The Dallas D3 camp bunk bed

Made from 1 to 1.2 wall thickness steel, fully welded this D3 triple bunk bed is the tallest in the range. Each sleeping platform are rated up to 500 pounds, the wedge connecting system fully bolted surely makes these queen size bunk beds the most robust!

Let’s be honest, financing bunk beds mattresses and equipment is expensive, too many times Summer camps, scout camps, universities and even military receive inferior or bunk beds designed the domestic market; the end result are broken or bent side safety rails, sleeping platforms that become curved downwards.




How to avoid inferior queen size bunk beds

In this modern era most bulk purchasers surf the internet using the Google search engine, many key words are used, however right up there is the term heavy duty bunk beds, this term can bring lots and lots of results. As well as ESS Universal there are many companies that offer these so called heavy duty bunk beds but very often this term is misused, there are many kinds of beds and bunk beds from timber to steel, plastic to pod type so ESS Universal advises camp bunk bed purchasers to choose wisely when surfing for queen size bunk beds.

Look for the obvious signs, can you see the image close up? I mean very close up! As a good example have a look below at the close up images of the Dallas bunk bed detachable which shows a robust solid steel construction


Close up image of the Dallas heavy duty bunk bed

of course the best way to ensure superior quality queen size bunk beds is to contact ESS direct!

ESS Australia/NZ: Ms Tegan Lewis

ESS USA/Canada: Mr Dick Bouman

ESS UK/EU: Mr Stefan Arnarson

ESS Africa/Middle East: Mr William Lewis

ESS China/Asia Pacific region:





Christian Camp and Conference Association – National Conference

We recently returned home from our two-day trade show in Nashville, TN.  What a great experience it was for ESS Universal ! We at met hundreds of Camp Directors [ & staff ] across the United States.  Not only were we able to display [ & show off ] our Adult Bunk Beds, but we were able to develop relationships from Alaska down to Florida.  It is great to see [ & hear ] the stories of camps thriving, and children [ & adults ] experiencing the great outdoors !  It was fun to be able to discuss our Heavy Duty Bunk Beds directly with the decision makers of these organizations.

Something to note:  It appears camps are beginning to lean away from wooden bunk beds, and more towards a metal bunk bed frame.  The issue of Bed Bugs has been the main reason for this.  Bed bugs prefer the warmth of the wood that they can physically burrow into, verses the metal frame that stays noticeably more cool.  We used this as the perfect opportunity to promote our Bed Bug Free Design.  We also heard more, and more stories about mattress issues.  The good news is, you can purchase mattresses pretty much anywhere, but the quality you are finding is limited.  Here at ESS we were proud to showcase our Waterproof Foam Core Mattress, with the polyurethane, machine-washable cover.  Even the competitors agreed it is a great product.

Camp Trends:

  • $18 billion dollar industry
  • More than 14,000 day and resident camps exist in the U.S. 8,400 are resident (overnight) and 5,600 are day camps.
  • Each year more than 14 million children and adults attend camp in the U.S.
  • Nonprofit groups including youth agencies and religious organizations operate approximately 11,000 camps, and 2,500 are privately owned independent for-profit operators.
  • In the past 10 years, there has been an increase in the use of international staff to expose campers to different cultures. Nearly 20% of staff are from other countries.

Thank you to all the great folks we were able to meet last week in Nashville, TN & the great members of the Christian Camp and Conference Association.  We cannot wait to serve you today, tomorrow, and beyond !

CCCA - Trade Show - Adult Bunk Bed

Trade Show:  CCCA | Nashville, TN