ESS was founded by Mr. William Lewis in 2010 in Essex, England.  William Lewis had accumulated many years of engineering services with such companies as P&O Ocean Liners.  The engineering and design skills accumulated by Mr. Lewis were used to design and create a product with superior quality, longevity, as well as aesthetics to the commercial furniture market.  ESS would offer UK designed professional solutions in government procurement and the hospitality industry deploying many sales staff around the globe who oversee large working capital projects.

ESS has since its inception been one of the most innovative leading government and private sector procurement companies in the United Kingdom.  The company now proudly represents a world-class roster of suppliers who have worked tirelessly to create ESS’ portfolio of products.  ESS has also teamed up with quality manufacturers around the globe to harmoniously bring superior quality at the affordable contract price.  These company attributes are enjoyed throughout the many ESS groups strategically placed around the globe including ESS UK/EU, ESS USA, and ESS Australia with ESS China and SE Asia planned for mid 2017.

The ESS Universal Team has access to our best-in-class quality products all the way down to the manufacturing level which, our founder, Mr Lewis periodically overseas himself.

Major Clients of ESS include The Mississippi State Health Department [ USA ], The British Armed Forces via BACTEC [ UK , and local government agencies including The Ministry of Education [ UK ].  The company also works closely with other subsidiaries within the British, Australian, and USA Governments.


Our Global Team consists of a group of professional, courteous sales staff of all backgrounds, manufacturing overseers, and designers.  ESS’ engineers and designers understand our aim to satisfy our clients through both manufacturing quality products, and superior customer service. Our processes guarantee ESS’ portfolio of products are manufactured the exact same every time from start to finish; from order to delivery.  ESS will continue to innovate as we invest to upgrade all machinery, tools, and work space as necessary.


To become a top ranked manufacturer and supplier around the globe by becoming the main provider of superior commercial products across all regions.


To manufacture and supply the best products, at the best prices, with the most reliable customer support.


To provide superior products, at a competitive price, with unmatched customer service.

‘If it can be made, we can make it!’


Association Memberships


Metal [ Commercial ] Beds

  • Adult Bunk Beds
  • Commerical Beds
  • Metal Beds
  • Single Beds
  • Single over Double Beds
  • Triple Bunk Beds
  • Accessories:  Waterproof Foam Mattresses | Waterproof Foam Pillows | Under Bed Storage Lockers | Utilities Panels

Hotel Beds

  • Tempura Gel Foam
  • Pocket Spring
  • Memory foam
  • Euro Top Mattresses
  • Pillow top mattresses

Medical equipment

  • Emergency Equipment
  • Surgical Equipment
  • Hospital Beds and Furniture